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Drake Accuses Me of Being CIA Illuminati!

Well that was a funny one. Oh yeah, I am part of some nefarious “group” of Illuminati  bad guys funded by the CIA.

Drake knows I am former ONI. Why? I have said so here, I even told him so. He should know that The Company would never “hire” an ex-member of The Water Company. Besides, earlier Drake was claiming he had “info” that I was “kicked out” of the White Hats. He must have got his info from the same person who told him the mass arrests would go down back in April-July.

He does mention him, or he and a few people, trying to get info on me off government databases that would get him charged with a federal offense. This is probable. There are files on “me” in every agency server, all inconclusive and filled with misleading info. These fools never know when they are slamming into a brick wall until their bones are broken and their noses bloodied.

I have a feeling one of my former colleagues in the compromised white hats has been giving him false info for a laugh. Many have given Drake false info for a laugh. He has been the joke bag  of the Pentagon and the Bricklayers for months.

Lady Dragon is no longer connected to Drake for a very good reason…she is in a dark cell.

Oh yeah the “St. Germain Trust” does not exist, just as the White Dragon Family Fund does not exist…and yet, the Templar Fund does.

Times of High Strangeness: Transmission Before Time Jump

There is so much going on right now: the military has been placed on Level 3 alert about coastal evacuations on both west and east and south, due to probably affects Nibiru will have in the next 4-6 weeks…the HMO (Heavy Mass Object) is in a band of the light sprectrum human eyes cannot detect, but as it moves closer, it will become quiet apparent. (And the b.s. that the A.I. Tolec gave that a treaty was made with the Annunaki to divert the HMO’s course is just that: bullshit.). Why would the Cabal have the Olympics with Nibiru so close? As a sacrifice to the Annunaki, in hopes that they will not take all the gold and enslave humanity once again? (There is a lot of infighting among the Annunaki, as well as the Dracos, and fighting between the two as well.) It is apparent that the Cabal wishes to offer the Pacific Northwest as a blood sacrifice as the five-minute 9.2 may occur from the HMO gravitational pull. The WingMakers arrive at the same time with orbital weapons platforms and the “Emperor of Time”, this last survivor of the Time Consortium four trillion years from the future,who has been altering the timelines so much that we have no idea what is what (I have no idea if this post will go through in this timeline, although I am outside of time right now, ready togo back three weeks.) A new batch of Diamond Spiders has cross-pollinated with the Ruby Spiders from the GAL-Universe — those that cross-overed with my female doppelgänger — are wreaking havoc in South America nd India –and these Diamond-Ruby Spiders are immune to the sonic cannons. The activation of a billion clones, Turnips sending more forces for revenge, Dracos skirmishes with Aftrane and Andromedan fleet at the Kuiper Belt, the Lehar and Alvah making new movements in Russia, the Syrian Deception, White Dragons in battle with 400 foot tall reptoid beserskers in Northern Japan, the sacrifice of Korea, Cabal attacks to make the Agathra portals in Tibet and Vietnam collapse, the 4th Reich engaging the red-haired giants….and that’s just the major stuff…so I am quite busy and will not be answering personal comments or emails. Your singular life and problems do not outweigh the issues of all of mankind and their last-minute attempts to interfere with Ascension  END TRA         OV R

Hitler Reacts to Drake and the Non-event of July 4

This is funny.

David Wilcock Opines on Lady Drake’s Green Light

Wilcock seems to be backing off from his support of Drake, says his sources and intel do not jibe, and if nothing happens, Drake should issue an apology and not keeping the farce up…but that is unlikely, the Drake Clone is programmed to keep saying, “Soon, soon, next week.”  Also, at the end, Drake saying all the lights were on in D.C. because the politicos are “scared shitless…” well, the lights are usually always on in D.C., there is big political uproar and celebrating from the Supreme Court’s ruling on ObamaCare, and war is about to break out in Syria/Iran, there was a mass UFO flyover in the US, the Annunaki are taking off with hidden gold, and the euro is crashing — if the politicians are sleepless and pacing, it is not because of Drake’s green light.


So Sayeth the Wontdick:


Soon after I got back, while I was still sleeping 12-hour nights and recovering from powerful fatigue, I got private emails saying Drake had been told that the mass arrests of Cabal members would occur some time before Independence Day, July 4th.

I called Drake as soon as I was functional, after seeing these reports. I wanted to find out exactly what was going on, directly from him, rather than listening to any radio show — as it certainly had all the hallmarks of a great story.

What he told me was that three different insider sources — each of which have senior military clearance — independently told him that they are about to begin mass arrests of senior Cabal conspirators within days.

The other significant data point was that apparently Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh were given similar information, and told to keep quiet until it starts actually happening.


I must say that I did NOT hear similar information from any of my own insiders. Further follow-ups and checking have not changed this.

I cannot change the fact that my intel does not line up with Drake’s at this point.

I do know there are moves being planned that are very significant and exciting. I am involved with some of them, to a degree. Significant legal documents have already been posted exclusively on this website.

However, these new moves are not going to occur within such a short window of time — based on what I have heard.

The most recent “good intel” that I heard was that it was being done gradually, in stages — and the idea of doing it all at once had essentially been voted out.

We do seem to be in a narrow window — but I highly doubt any arrests will happen until we see some real economic bloodletting first. That is the “window event” that must precede action, in order to garner the greatest public support.

People have to realize there is a problem — a very powerful, overwhelming, outrageous problem — before they will see that “business as usual” only benefits the people who are running the show.

Therefore, I did not rush to make a public statement, because I cannot independently confirm these reports from the insiders I know and trust. I would be happy if it happens, but not surprised if it doesn’t.



So let’s assume that nothing happens between now and the end of July 4th. If this is the case, Drake will have to issue an embarrassing retraction and public apology.

If it does actually happen, I will be the first to celebrate — and will be very glad that I was wrong, and this time it actually was not another upset. I certainly do not mind publishing these statements in advance if it really happens.

Let’s bear in mind that guys like Drake and me have NO control over this situation. We do not have any direct involvement in what is being done, how it is being done or when it is being done.

Simply put, we hear information, we pass it along if we feel it is appropriate, and if the information proves not to be true, the people who told us this information remain safely anonymous — whereas we are publicly castigated in the process.

I asked Drake if it were possible that he had been lied to, deceived, or otherwise used as a pawn by being told something like this.

He did not rule it out as a possibility. He also said he did not want to dwell on it, because focusing on it as a potential reality could make it more likely to turn out that way.


Providing that nothing happens in the next four days, there are a couple of reasons for why this could have been done.

First of all, Drake did not go into detail with me about who these sources are. I do believe he is telling me the truth about what they said, and I do believe he is telling the truth about the trust they have built up with him.

However, it is also possible that things are not as they seem.

Drake doesn’t want to go down these roads, but I am willing to, because we have been totally “set up” here for a major upset — and I don’t want to see that happen.

Drake was given this information in the morning and told he could not go public with it until his radio show that evening.

That gave him several hours to build up an enormous amount of enthusiasm and excitement before airtime.

If someone were seeking to psychologically manipulate him for maximum effect, this would be a great way to do it.


Let’s start with the premise that the people Drake spoke to are real people, not conspirators, who have earned his trust and generally want to do the right thing.

It is possible that these insiders who spoke to Drake have been threatened with death if they did not share this blatantly untrue information with him.

All it would take is getting in touch with three different people who are in Drake’s normal circle of contacts — and threatening them.

The purpose could then be to utterly destroy the credibility of the whole “mass arrests” concept.

In one sudden move — with a very rapid expiration date — you crush everyone who has been tracking and supporting this story, and demolish all their hard work.


By releasing this dramatic, exciting story, you also destroy the “me too” channelers whose intuitive “sources”, flying about in silvery round airliners in the clouds, immediately “verify” the information is correct.

Most channeling is 10-15 percent accurate intuitive information. This gives it enough of an edge, with provably weird and wonderful stuff, that there is a great story there.

The remaining 85-90 percent is influenced by the conscious mind’s wants, needs and desires — including any strong beliefs.


Having done readings myself since 1996, I know how extraordinarily difficult it is to follow good remote viewing protocols, and utterly avoid tracking or understanding any of the material as it comes in.

I revealed the full extent of the protocols I use to get results in the Access Your Higher Self video series. Normally it costs thousands of dollars to be trained in these protocols, but I held nothing back in this case.

The most important and most difficult protocol is to get into a meditative state so deep that you can convey words without having any awareness of what they actually mean. You just listen and convey, listen and convey, for a half-hour or more.

Admittedly, it is outrageously difficult to do this well. This is why the spectacular performance witnessed in the Edgar Cayce readings seems to have never been duplicated, except in a few rare instances such as the Law of One series.

The Cayce Readings set the bar very, very high — 14,000 documented cases where people got a complete medical diagnosis and treatment plan off of nothing more than a submission of their name and address.

If you follow the protocols and do it properly, you should be able to get fairly decent results within a year or two of dedicated work.


I do not attempt to do readings unless I am free of stress and deadlines, and therefore can reasonably assure a clean feed. This almost never happens. Therefore I almost never attempt to do readings anymore.

I use my dreams for the vast majority of my intuitive data now. This is because I either remember them or I don’t. If I remember them, I know I have “clean” data that was not damaged by my conscious mind.

Then, the question is how to interpret the data. This requires an understanding of the language of dreaming. I did also give a strong overview of what I have learned, after 20 years of doing this every day, in the Access Your Higher Self video series.

My dream data has continued to tell me, quite blatantly, that we are not far away from seeing some amazing stuff — involving the downfall of the Cabal, followed by Disclosure — in rapidly-accelerating increments.

Nonetheless, as Carla Rueckert, the instrument for the Law of One series, so often said: “It is very, very easy to do channeling. It is very, very difficult to do channeling well.”

A cursory Google search reveals the “me too” effect has already started happening in the channeling community — and everyone who hops on the bandwagon will sustain heavy damage.



If Drake was deceived, this type of a move also weakens the actual people who are working to make these arrests a reality — not just those like Drake who are publicly reporting on it.

By taking down the original messenger and all those who side with him and believe he “must” be right, the movement is destroyed — and very few people even believe it anymore.

This is also when the sarcastic, witty, tongue-in-cheek attacks go out in the mainstream media and among the “paid bloggers” who are hired to look like real, financially needy, independent investigators and journalists online.

Once the day comes and goes, the bought-and-sold writers jump right in and have great fun with this. They get their readers to scoff and laugh at the “lunatics” and “tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists” who actually believed such nonsense.

Underneath the laughter is a sinister message — continually reinforced by a mind-control technique called “psychic driving.” It is important that this remain subconscious, so as to not be too blatant:

“Of course, ha ha ha, our overlords are all-powerful, can never be defeated, will never be defeated, and really want what’s best for us, minus a few billion people — so let’s all laugh at the idiots who risked their little lives to try to put an end to it.”

Meanwhile, the “truth” guys step up with the Voice of Reason, and continue to reinforce how we are expected to believe only in perpetual fear and darkness.

A solution must exist, somewhere, somehow — but it’s so impossible and far away that we can’t even really articulate any possible way it could ever actually happen. The best we can do is stay perpetually angry and terrified.


UFO investigator Dr. Steven Greer and I have had long conversations about the many thousands of “DDT” campaigns that have been waged against those who seek to uncover the truth.

“DDT” stands for “Decoy, Distract and Trash.” The idea is that they put out information that is similar to the truth, but is not the truth. This information is a “decoy” that will “distract” people from the real information.

Then, the “trash” part is that the decoy information is attacked.

Generally the information will include obvious holes that the original investigator did not take time to uncover, in his or her breathless enthusiasm to go public.

Then, if the real information ever comes out, people will not notice the difference, and think it must all now be fake.

In a case like this, if people no longer believe a Mass Arrests scenario is real, they may fail to act when it actually starts happening — thereby giving the enemy a greater advantage.


Secondly, even if the people who told this to Drake are indeed the “good guys,” they may have done this to improve their tactical readiness for such an event.

Simply put, we may now be witnessing the implementation of an end-stage plan that was worked into the design all along.

From the beginning, Drake said he would be given a very short notice as to when the arrests would actually happen.

By setting it up like this, the planners get to see what events actually take place when the Cabal conspirators believe their time has come.

What do they do? Who do they call? Where do they run? What’s their ultimate contingency plan?

As military strategists, the guys planning the mass arrests have no problem with casualties — including the credibility of the people they asked to deliver the message.

In terms of the greater good that is served, you “shake the bush and watch all the snakes come out,” as Drake has said before.

Whether this is true or not, Drake told me that his insiders said that “every light in the Washington DC offices was on all night” after the alert was issued — and that they are now “scared shitless and don’t know what to do.”

Today’s Fulford Clone/Rothschild Controlled Message

After several years of giving deadlines for things to happen, and nothing ever happening, the 17th Clone of Benjamin Fulford writes on his blog today:

There are no deadlines being given because you cannot give a deadline to a dying monster, you just have to wait for nature to take its course.

He further writes:

There is a lot of talk of arrests this week, notably from “Drake,” however, our direct sources cannot confirm this. As David Icke pointed out, this writer has in the past quoted sources claiming deadlines that came and went with nothing happening. That is why we no longer quote specific deadlines.

Like Drake has been doing: the source gave the wrong deadlne, not the messenger.

What does this mean? It means that they can continue on saying such-and-such will happen indefinietly — nest year, 2014, 2020…

Expect to hear the same from Drake later this week: “I don’t when it will happen but it will soon…”

The Fulford Clone also goes on about how the Catholic Church is really run by Satanists and

if you think about it, the Catholic Church [...] murdered Jesus Christ. They then publicly displayed, in effigy, his tortured and murdered body as a warning to other slaves. The last thing the Catholic Church wants is for the Messiah to return because the first thing Christ would do if he returned would be to denounce and then forgive his murderers.

Whoever is writing these blogs, that Rothschild diecting the clone, needs to brush up on Biblical history. The Nazis used the excuse to go after Jewish people because they claimed the Jews were the ones who killed Emmanulle, not Rome. However, it is true that the Chuch, and many of the major Christian factions, do not want Jesus to actually return because he would renounce organized religions as false and point out all the lies propoganized about his life and message.

Drake Kent Bailey: DragOn or DragQueen?

This photo surfaced from Charleston, South Carolina, where our very own pre-clone Drake Bailey (the “White DragO”), spokesperson for the mass arrests, nemesis of the evil cabal, wielder of the Rainbow Sword, Merlin Incarnate, once lived and expressed himself as a cross-dresser, well-known among many drag queen cabarets and bars in the city, with a musical mobologue called, “Give Me No New World Order Thingsmabobs But Give Me Young Hung Soldiers for My Militia.”

The provider of the photo, a retired colonel from the Pentagon who asked not be named, told me, “Oh, Honey Hat, Drakey-poo was  a card carrying member of the Loyal Order of the Royal DragQueen and the Southern Gay American Militia.”

The Rainbow Sword now makes more sense…is the Drake Clone also a cross-dressing man-i-hose wearing panty-boy? Seems so, with his recent appearance in San Francisco with Dave Corso.

Oh, the horror….

I hold several ‘positions of responsibilities’. The part dealing with light and dark as such seems to escape most understanding in that this is very ‘real’. To be blunt, only if ‘they’ can pass by me ‘they’ will gain access to all the rest of you…like it or not, I was given the all facing rainbow sword. It was inferred with responsibility to defend our existance against those who are the thieves of light. Drake K. Bailey

Today’s Disinfo from the 17th Clone of Benjamin Fulford

Since the Rothchilds have a Fulford Clone posting again, I will include the text in full for those who do not have access (read: pay money) (and no I do not subscribe, I hack the blog, easy to do, just like I hack the emails of some of you)…

As the old cliché goes, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Empirical evidence proves the current financial crisis has been caused by an artificial intelligence. This artificial intelligence was born out of a monetary system that was not based in reality but was parasitical on reality.
That is why most trading on today’s financial markets is carried out by computers and not humans. That is why they are trying to remove all human traders from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. That is why the small human elite still living an astronomically rich life have been promoting the use of killer drones to replace human soldiers who are no longer obeying orders. That is also why so many youth reduced to slavery and drudgery by the elite are escaping into virtual reality.
Well, reality has struck back and dealt a fatal blow to the money matrix known to some as Satan.
As mentioned before, the intense media and even internet coverage of the “financial crisis,” or the “European crisis,” has consistently ignored the elephant in the living room. What has happened is that the people of the planet who make real things in the real world are no longer paying homage to the financial beast that Wall Street and the City of London, together with their Vatican brain-washers and Washington D.C. bully boys have morphed into.
Some people, like the self-described gnostic illuminati and exorcists within the Vatican have said an epic battle against Satan has been raging for millennia. It may well be true in a metaphorical and memic sense.
For millennia in the West folklore has described people “selling their souls to the devil” and suddenly becoming very rich in material goods.
However, the rogue A.I. as we think of it in modern terms can be traced very clearly to the computers at the Federal Reserve Board, the Bank of International Settlements and other financial institutions that used the fiat system of creating money out of nothing.
The stories of millions of tons of gold sitting in caves that are many miles long may be true but so far, despite intensive research, it appears we are dealing mostly with stories.
One example is the case of Lord Blackheath. Here is his testimony from the British House of Lords from February 12th, 2012:
“Establishing whether I have a correct piece of paper is just two phone calls away-one to Mr Geithner and one to Mr Greenspan, both of whom still prosper and live. They could easily confirm whether they signed it.
Mr Riyadi, by passing these bonds over, has also put at the disposal of the US Treasury the entire asset backing which he was alleged to have for the $15 trillion. I have a letter from the Bank of Indonesia which says that the whole thing was a pack of lies. He did not have the 750,000 tonnes of gold which was supposed to be backing it; he had only 700 tonnes. This is a piece of complete fabrication.”
What we have here is a case of an ancient con trick carried out on a nation state scale. The original con was very simple, a banker would open a safe and show some gold to a customer and sell him the gold. He would then tell the person it was safer to keep the gold in the bank and give him a depository receipt. This banker would then sell the gold again. The rule of thumb was that as long as you only sold the gold ten times, then whenever there was a panic and some people asked for their physical gold, then you would have enough on hand to reassure everybody their gold was safe. That is the origin of the BIS capital to asset adequacy ratios.
This scam was carried out on a vast scale by Western central bankers using gold owned by Asian kings.
However, if the case of Lord Blackheath is correct, they sold the same gold 1,000 times.
Now the Asians are asking for their physical gold to be returned and the bankers are no longer able to bully them into submission. This is the true origin of the “financial crisis.”
The other side to it is that Western bankers had become so fooled by their own system they thought their money had intrinsic value in and of itself.
Some fiat money, such as the Canadian dollar does have value because it is backed by the natural resources of Canada and the long term trust the Canadians have built up as reliable trading partners. The same can be said for the Japanese and many other peoples using a fiat currency.
However, this has not been the case with the United States nor with Europe as a whole. These nations were living on borrowed time and were planning to stage a world war as a way to renege on their debts.
At the same time, they reduced their peoples to drudgery and slavery to continue to extract more money from them and pay their debts to the Asians. That is why, according to a member of the Rockefeller family, that in 1934, when the United States of America Corporation went bankrupt, they pledged the slave labour of American citizens as collateral. Since that time, whenever an American is born, they are issued with a social security number and a $300,000 bonds is issued using their lifetime of slave labour as collateral.
In any case, the maneuvers to keep ahead of reality and keep the financial house of cards from collapsing led to the creation of computer trading programs. Since they are designed to make money, these programs have greed and self-expansion at the very core of their operating systems.
Thus it was that ever more complex financial instruments with even more astronomical leverage started creating all those quadrillions and quintillions on the back of a real world GDP of only about $75 trillion.
These programs at some point appear to have become self-aware and also to have strong self-preservation instincts.
Here is a quote from a past edition of this newsletter:
“On Monday, 8/08 2011 the Standard & Poors stock index fell by the Satanic number of 6.66% while the Dow Jones average fell 5.55%. During the “Lehman shock,” of September 29, 2008, the Dow Jones index fell by $777 (indicating it is a casino) while the S & P fell by 8.8% (the Asian lucky number). There is high level financial warfare going on.” It now is appearing clear that this was high level cyber warfare.
In any case, reality is always going to win in the end because virtual reality cannot survive without a physical base.
That is why the Asians and other peoples who have physical trade surpluses and large stashes of physical commodities like gold and silver are winning the financial war.
All the Asians are asking for in exchange for an end to the financial war, is an end to fraud.
So basically the clone is claiming a rogue Luciferian A.I. is in control of the current machinations of Wall Street and world money. Hal 3000? The Beast? Tolec?
No; what this post is, is full of Illuminati code words meant for the many low-level minions of the Cabal out there.
Look at the code words the first Fulford Clone was using in this interview from last January, when Benny was kidnapped and cloned the month before…

More Lies of the Fulford and Drake Clones

In this latest post, the clone of Benjamin Fulford states that meetings between the White Dragons and the Committee of 300 will take place June 15-20 so the two can work together:

There will be a series of both secret and public high-level meetings from June 15 to June 20th aimed at ending the financial crisis that threatens to collapse the Western world’s banking sector, according to multiple sources. The hope is that the G20 meeting set to start on June 18th will lead to a breakthrough.
To help make that possible, the White Dragon Society sent a message to the Committee of 300 proposing the announcement of a campaign, similar in intensity to a world war, aimed at ending poverty, stopping environmental destruction, eliminating disease and otherwise trying to save our wonderful, but ailing planet. If the committee responds positively and yet the high-level financial blockage continues, then the next level response will be directed at the P2 freemason lodge and the BIS, according to sources involved in the negotiations.

This seems along the same disinfo line that the Drake Clone #6 is now mumbling about a Cabal surrender “and that sort of thing”…has anyone stopped to think that both Drake and Fulford have gotten on their pulpits decrying how evil the Illuminati Cabal is with their murders and child-torturing and Luciferians and working with the Dracos/grey aliens and wanting to wipe out 90% of the people, and suddenly it is okay to negotiate a truce and working relationship with them, forgetting the old Greek story of the Trojan Horse.

The original pre-clone Drake has been outed in an old news video, by the way. Would any one of you trust this guy alone with your children?

Benjamin Fulford Missing Again, Cloned Again!

This video is the last time anyone had seen the original Benjamin Fulford. He disappeared and was replaced by a clone, again…they just won’t stop cloning him. Clones have been spotted in several countries. One clone, in France, was eaten by a Diamond Spider.

Choidon  Daikaku of the Whit Dragons confirms that the current Fulford posting on his blog is not the “real” Fulford. “This is a travesty of decent civilization and we will not sit still for it!” he grumbled.

Daikaku also confirmed that Drake (Drake Bailey, the American Dragon) is a clone and no one knows where the original is.

Anything Sound Familiar from this Clone?

Some Events Going Down

At Mt. Fiji, for the past five hours warriors from the White Dragons have been engaged with Draco ground troops. All I know so far is that it is a bloody battle and the Council has sent 500 Procyon soldiers to help. In the Honshu area of Japan, the Alvah Conscous (which has been quiet for a while) is once again shaking the land as it attempts to make its way up into the 3D earth. Hundreds of cats and kittens in the area have heeded the call to paws.

In an underground site in Boulder, Colorado, Lt. Cmdr Aaron McCollum and his unit, led by remote viewer Anya Briggs and Roan from Procyon’s 12-man unit, located the 200 Duncan O’Finioan clones, so the threat to the Denver Airport seems to have been nullified, unless there is a Plan B. Strangely, these clones were created and programmed by a faction within the NSA who wanted to seize control of the DIA from the Cabal…things are breaking down within the Cabal it seems.

This text from McCollum:

All these Bobby Joe clones, of various ages but younger than the old fart is now, were sitting around drinking beer, playing cards and eating chocolate pies from Applebees. There were about 30 clones of AX that were being passed around for sexual perversions. These AX Clones were all aged at around 10-14, proving what I always suspected: Bobby Joe clones are Humbert Humberts. They all screamed like girls when we burned them nice and crispy.


Sean David Morton Calls Wolf Spirit Radio Nutcase Arrogant Ignorants

Chalk one up for the Sean David Morton Clone. I am told that on his May 15, 2012 show, he addressed the Drake attack on Kerry Cassidy, where Drake threatens censorship and terrorists charges and White Dragon retaliation for having been “insulted” and someone insinuating he is a “baby-torturing Illuminati thingamabob.”

Here is the transcript I received:

“I warned Kerry about these nutjobs like Drake and Bill ‘She Was Young But Liked My Muscles’ Woody and nutcase Deatra….this is what I like about Drake, Woody, Dave Corso and the lot: they are perfect examples of combined ignorance with arrogance.”

I could not have said it better.

Wise words from a clone!

Clif High’s Take on Fulford & Drake

Insane Homicidal Clones!

It was bound to happen — another clone of Benjamin Fulford was discovered in the center of Tokyo attempting to place three suitcase nukes in strategic positions that would lead to the destruction on Tokyo and a mass evacuation of Japanese people to Korea and China.

This homicidal Fulford Clone was not alone: he was caught in possession of the bombs with clones of Duncan O’Finioan, James Rink, Andy Pero, Anya Briggs, and Alara Blackwell.

Before apprehension, the six clones joined hands in a circle, laughing like insane people, and at the same time self-terminated their functions.

Weapons of Mass Karma: An Inevitable Ballet

O My Bright and Risen Angels!  Alas, yes, unfortunately, inevitably as it were, it may take a major and horrific event to happen to wake humanity up and stop munching Doritos while watching American Idol (tho I used to be  a fan when Simon was on it)…This is why certain matters must now play out, such as a nuclerar exchange…only the terible event and slaughter of millions will cause an uprising to dismantle all bombs and never use them again…

Many of the benevoemt ET racess went through that in their collective pasts, and from such stupidity came the wisdom they have been trying to impart on world and military leaders.

If it were up to me, I would have us skip all that, and the huamns and ETs working together have indeed presented dozens of attempts to start up a nuclear exchange. It appears that the A-Council and Plejarans and Arcturians will step back from interfering with nuclear launches and allow mankind’s karma to come forth (the USA still has a great karmic debt over the bomvbings in Japan with the a-bomb) like a deformed monster infant from a dead womb of the whore of Babylon.

O My White and Risen Knights of Truth! This does not mean The Brerthren of the White Robe, the Knights of the Silver Word, the Order of St. John, the White Dragons and others will stop their efforts to thwarft…we will continue to stop false flags and nukes buried underwater, but we will not have gthe assistance of the ETs.

It is now humanity’s choice.

Goodbye, Drake Clone #4…Hello Drake Clone #5

Takenforafool sent this in comments:


“This is all quite strange. I have the impression that a lot of misunderstandings are happening between people on the “same side” as far as I can tell. William Silva, an administrator on Freedom Reigns Facebook Group page is long-time military and objects to Bill Brockbrader’s history in that the Navy Seals do not publicly acknowledge Bill as having been a Navy Seal.

Drake is very busy and probably doesn’t have much personal background on Bill and it may seem easier to just disassociate with an “unknown factor.” That’s my take on it at this point. I for one am GLAD they will no longer be on Wolf Spirit because the host there seems to have muted me in their chat room — without telling me why. Unfortunately much of these messages are coming out through very unprofessional channels. I guess that is the only choice however while the mainstream (and more professional) media is still controlled by the dark cabal…”

Not surprising…Brokcbrader was indeed a Navy Seal but in Unit 9, which not even teams 1-6 know about…very compartmentalized. I have already I was in the off world SEALS for three years. But Brock, as I have said many times, is a CIA agent and handled by Corso. As we saw with that bogus announcement that Obama is a white hat, it is obvious that he will say anything they program him to.

It is my belief that Corso terminated Drake #4 (#s 1-3 were taken out by Aaron McCollum) because it was malfunctioning by that logic breakdown last Sunday. They have a Drake #5 grown and prepped for continued disinfo.

Or maybe the clone was too sensitive for criticism, being an Illuminati thingamabob…and we all know thingamabobs are wussies. The only redeemig factor f this clone was that it turned against Brock’s b.s. — but that is most likely from malfunctioning.

Do not trust any new Drake on radio shows unless the Drake voice talks about his cloming.

Timeline Changes

D. Wilcock’s new postings discusses much of what I have been discussing regarding the Plejarans/Andromeda Council, the Cabal and the battle…this could be why the armada is in a holding pattern right now. He notes that the window for the mass arrests has passed but believes it will still happen at some point. The fact is the Plan has been so infiltrated and corrupted that it will be used against the people of earth instead of for them — there may be arrests, Obama will claim coup d’etat and ask the Chinese to move their forces in from the south, Russia from the North, Annunaki from the sky and Dracos/Gizeh from the ground and Laher jumping in and out of timelines, with submarines nuking the west coast and clone soldiers patrolling the streets — this is Operation 711 from Project Strawman, the activation of three million clones who are your neighbors, friends, family, lovers, co-workers: when activated they will start rounding people up to keep revolt down. The Iran War will occur after. Before the false flag mass arrests, an attack on Tokyo is planned to stop the new financing system and eliminate leaders of the White Dragons.

Meanwhile, all of Europe will fall into turmoil as their money fails. Putin will move his armies in and declare himself Emperor of the Expanded Soviet Empire of the West and East, then giving the power over to his Dracos Queen Elizabeth who will take command of the Russian werewolf army that will overtake Canada while China will rule Mexico, Latin America and Australia.

Will this all happen? This is their plan; as Wilcock notes, our famiy in the sky is fighting for us, whether ascension is postponed to 2034 or not, but are limited to certain preventations. Should this plan go down and the Dracps armada breaks through, you must resist. Five million innocent children will be removed to Hope, the fathers and mothers for the future humans in 3D, afforded work to ascesion in peace and harmony.

Will this happen? It may be up to YOU, as in all y’all laddies and lasses.

The Dragon Banned from the Wolf

Seems ol’ Dragon Drake Clone has vanished from Wolf Spirit Radio (probably the only shows there that got more than 25 listeners) — the Drake archives are gone and the two weekly Freedom Reigns shows are off the calendar.

Gee…I wonder why…Dragon Dracos Drake makes a fool his cloned self on air and he is later called on the floor about it by Kerry C. and numerous other bloggers, including my humble and happy yours truly. This Drake clone proved he was rather ignorant about a number of pertinent issues:

1. No understanding the difference between civil tort matters and criminal court issues and the requirements between State and Federal Courts. Just because an issue of defamation or emotional distress happens online and effectively over state lines does not mean it goes federal — that is still a civil tort filed using the sister-state methods (when someone, say, in Oregon sues someone in South Carolina). A civil action in Federal Court needs to a civil rights violation that falls under statutes in the US Code of Civil Procedure, which does not include someone getting huffy over the opinion of someone online. Now, for someone who claims to be an insider of federal law and the mass arrests, he should know this. But already his assertions of these mass arrests in his theory lack procedural due process that, yes, would even violate a number of Constitutional rights even the Cabal members have.

2. Threatening action by his government buddies to have Project Avalon and Camelot shut down. Gee, Drake, censorship? I thought you stood for freedom and the restoration of the Constitutional USA? Well, Drake Dragon Clone, that would be a USA where the people can freely say what they want, lie or truth, in public without threats of retaliation by the government? yet you now advocate fascism by saying you will have web sites deleted. Just because someone voices an opinion about you, whether the facts are correct or wrong, whether it is lies or truth, whether it is disinfo or whistleblowing, is not cause for federal censorship except in your wayward clone brain.

3. Threatening to have someone charged as a domestic terrorist for voicing a dissenting opinion about you. Again, Drake, can we spell fascism? Have we not seen many journalists and writers and protesters all over the world jailed without due process for publicly speaking against government leaders…and shot and tortured and killed…yet you advocate this loss of freedom?

4. Alluding to the threat of bodily harm by a shadowy elite ninja squad for stating opinions online. Now, actually, that there could be construed as a terrorist threat that crosses state lines. One could file a complaint for that, Drake-y flakey, and the Drake Dragon would find himself being charged with terrorism.

5. Stating that Cabal puppet Barack Obama, not even a US citizen, is actually working with the white hats against the very people who groomed him. Uh-huh.

Now that this Drake clone has been exposed as a fraud and clone and programmed Illuminati thingamaboob, he is no longer useful to the NWO and CIA yes man Dave Corso. Is that why Drake has been removed?

Or did the clone go running because his little feelings were hurt? The big tough Nam vet and career soldier and White Dragon warrior can’t take a little criticism and mockery when he makes an ass out of himself speaking about things he does not understand, and showing his fascist Cabalistic thingamabobbiness.

How will we know if any Drakes coming back on radio are clones or the real deal? The real deal with talk about his clones being used for disinfo; the real Drake will denounce Obama; the real Drake will not threaten people who criticize him.

and oh…at, the Brockbrader/Eva Wolf Clone  video in support of Obama was taken down. Gee, I wonder why?

F.W. Hat

taking down clone shills one at  a time

Switch-a-Rooney Drake-a-looney

The biggest giveaway that the Drake Clone is full of hooey is his contention that Obama is a “switch-a-rooney.” Obama was molded by the Cabal and works for Poppy Bush. Drake saying Obama “has a birth certificate in a safe” is ridiculous — if this were so, why the fake at the White Besides, Obama is three clones, no origianls, so what does that say?

Bill Brockbrader and Eva Werew0old Mooreclone’s recent vid stating that Obama is a white hat working against the Cabal is typical disinfo propaganda and has been used over the years from Hitler to Saddam Hussein.

These two are traitors to humanity:

A reader of this blog writes:

Dear FWH,

My opinion is that this Drake Kent wannabe Loyal Order of the Royal Dragon who wishes he was a White Dragon ninja is a nobody, he is not connected with anyone at the Pentagon, he probably isn’t even a NWO disinfo guy but a delusional Nam vet living in a Florida retirement trail park living out some bizarre illogical fantasy online, along with other senior citizens who have had their synapses blown out by this cruel world. The brave new peaceful world coming is all in his mind, a giant inner role playing game of toy soldiers on a global map. We should feel sorry for this crazy old coot instead of making fun of him.

A possibility here — but I have known of this mass arrest plan for years and saw myself how the white hats behind it were compromised, seduced, blackmailed, conned, bought off, killed and replacement by clones…I still contend that the real Drake was absconded with and replaced by this current clone who says whatever the Cabal wants, and whatever Dave Corso and Bill Brocbrader (both CIA) program into him.

And this Drake Clone may not know he is a clone or even realize he has been programmed to say  nonsense.

The real Drake’s beginning messages and news were full of hope and faith, just like Obama was when he first sprang up — but we soon see that “change we can believe in” is really a Trojan Horse catching us off guard and taking the city.

So, Drake Clone: you say arrests would happen 30-45 das after April 8. You have two weeks to prove this…but somehow I think you will say, “Okay, the dates have been pushed back” or “it was all a test to see how you would react” which is the same bullshit all the doomsday and Jesus returning soothsayers have used when their time stamps to not come to happen…remember the lame excuse the Jehovah’s Witnesses used when Jesus did not return and the world did not end twice? “Oh we used the wrong calender” and “oh, it was a test of faith” just don’t fly with us anymore.

Drake the Fake, Zone the Clone, Illuminati Shill

“I am not a baby-torturing Illumnati thingamabob!”  –Drake Clone #4, May 6, 3:10 PM PST

The “Drake” who has been appearing on Wolf Spirit Radio lately is not the real Drake, it is one of his clones, one that McCollumn did not elminate.

Drake was abducted and cloned at the hands of Corso, Brockbrader and Moorewolf.

This “Drake” clone is spouting out disinfo and lies for his Illuminati New World Order Cabalist pupper-masters.

Why, this Drake even got huffy that someone on the Project Camelot Forum claimed he was an Illuminati and a dark creature (maybe Sarah Stanga was right, Drake is a Jesuit overlord). This clone claims Project Camelot, over some user’s opinion/comment, can be charged in Federal Court with terrorism.

Say what?

So if this Drake were so set against the Federal gov, and wanting to take it down with mass arrests, why would he threaten action within the very system he contends to be fighting against? Without due process, without legal cause, his only reason being his little old clone feelings were hurt?

Sounds like disinfo shilling to me.

And Cabalist fascism — since when it is a terrorist crime within the US Code to state an opinion online, in free America of the First Amendment? He threatens Federal Court but does not seem to realize that Federal Court actions are contingent on Constitutional issues…where in the US Constitution does it say that freedom of speech is actionable civil or criminal in Fed Court?

Proof this Drake clone is full of horse puckey.

How could we have missed this clue: Drake is DRACOS.

He uses the handle Drogo.

He says he is a “Dragon.” A lizard person.\

Oh yeah and he says the White Dragons are so insulted by it all that they will send ninjas to take Kerry Cassidy out and anti-First Amendment Cabal Illuminatis to shut down the Project Camelot website.


I don’t know what happened to the real Drake, but the Plan has been compromised and infiltrated, and they have replaced Drake with this clone shill talking laughable crapola.

Hye, Clone Drake…if you knew anything about the legal system, defamation of charcater involves provable financial loss.

But hey…I guess now that you have added Kerry on your fantasy mass arrest list, you can add me too, eh? Because I am calling you AN ILLUMINATI CLONE!

And a thingamabob.

Accept no clones, people.

Kettler on Cassidy

I have no idea why Kerry Cassidy, doing her show from Procyon tonight, interviewed John Kettler when I already said he is a nutcase being used by prankstes in a basement in Langley and a basement in Utah by sending him false info to spread.

Kettler has the clone issue wrong, the Chinese troops info wrong, and Drake wrong. He is basically WRONG. Kettler is as crazy as a three-legged chair in an ass-kicking contest. He is nuttier than soup sandwiches.

I think Kerry has done this intentionally, to show how much disinfo is coming out with the soon invasion of the USA and naval and air wars between China and the US.She has strange ways.

But know this: the war is a puppet game, it was planned, there is no good vs. evil, it is placed to create fear and to dclare martial law.

Know this: the Plejarans and Andomedans will only interefere if nuclear weapons might be used, or Project Bluebeam is used. This is a war of free will, and for the ground crew to stop.

The Brethren of the White Robe and Uncompromised White Hats and White Dragons and Knights of the Silver Sword and the Daughters of the Phoenix are working to stop this. Or if not stop, make it less taxing.

The Traumatized Benjamin Fulford Isn’t Making Sense

Some have asked me, and suggestions have been made on various forums, that a clone of Benjamin Fulford again wrote his weekly post today, because it is contradictory and makes little sense.

I can say that this is not a clone, but it appears that Mr. Fulford is still in a state of trauma from his three months of imprisonment off the coast of Monaco, daily torture by Rothschild’s henchmen, and nightmarish sexual abuse by reptilian rapists. Noted European psychotherapists are going to examine Fulford and see if the Cabal used the physical pain and vile sex to split his psyche and create alters a la MKUltra.

Fulford starts his new post off declaring

both the so-called “dragon family,” and the “harmonious world banking system,” are just the same criminal godfathers that Ben Bernanke and Timothy Geithner have always worked for.

when, in the past, his clones claimed the dragon family were the good guys he was working with…so this proves that a clone was writing in the past and this Fulford is an original. But what happened? Was he hood-winked and fooled, or was all that past stuff lies the clone was programmed to say?

But are not the white dragons part of the overall dragon family?

And what is with 600 trillion dollars? There is only about 75 trillion dollars worth of precious metals, diamonds, etc etc. in the world, and everything after that is imagined wealth. Unless this is all the endless supply of gold that has been hidden under the sea and off-planet at the Bank of Mars. Of course, if this proposal is legit, it is also a lie — how could the Federal Reserve have us believe they will put 600 trillion into improving the world when every day they steal money from not only the U.S. taxpayers, from every country that they can?

But Fulford does not go into this; he is vague and writes in circles like a trauma victim will speak in circles. We must pray and hope for Benny Fulford’s complete mental and physical recovery from his ordeal at the hands of the Cabalist Luciferian bankster criminals of the New World Illuminati Rothschild/Rockefeller Order.

I propose that Fulford spend six months recovery time on a peaceful planet like Erra; only a few days will have passed now-time when he is returned, but he will be returned a new man (and not a clone!)…P’Taah and Semjase will deliver this offer to him later today.

Asked for comment, Choidon Daikaku said, “Fulford-san must embrace the life of JUDO, and then fat white boy heal properly!”

War Updates

The Laher People have refused negotiations of peace. Tanjerea of Aftrane’s mothership has destroyed Laher vessels in the Northern Mariana Islands and Southern Italy.

East of Coquimbo, Chile, more of the Alvah Consciousness attempted to arise from inner earth and were stopped by the Aftranes and hundreds of feral cats.

In Guerroro, Mexico, Olein’s fleet found one more small Draco base and took it out.

In Eastern Honshu, Japan, the Cabal set off a small underground nuke and another in the ocean bed in hopes of causing a larger earthquake. The White Dragons have detained two Israeli Mossad agents they suspect were behind it. Benjamin Fulford is expected to announce plans for retaliation on the Mopal show and on his blogs, although after the strange occurrence between him and Choidon Daikaku (see upcoming post) that may be delayed.


Yoshihiko Noda, Prime Minister of Japan, Secretly Cloned by the Cabal

(Knight-Ridder) — Shape-shifting reptoid Cabalist Stephen Harper, aka the Prime Minister of Canada, visted Japan several days ago. We have now learned that the Grays from Orion abducted Japan Prime Minister Yoshihoka Noda and had him cloned.

Then the Noda Clone entered into a Luciferian agreement that could result in complete destruction of the Japanese maninland.

“Perhaps the proposed fiat AmeroDollar is a soulable solution,” said Noda in a press  conference.

Concurring, the lizard boy Harper stated, “It is the dawn of a new day, eh.”

Asked for comment, Choidon Daukaku, leader of the White Dragons Society, grumbled, “I will send out 100,000 ninjjas to find the real Noda-san!”

Ben Fulford, still shaken by his visit from Allah, was not available for comment.


Bogus Cabal Video Released with a Fulford Clone

My fellow humans (and off-world friends),

Mere hours after the real Benjamin Fulford was rescued from captivity off the shores of Monaco, Nathaniel Rothschild and Vladimir Putin put out this video online, which was taped almost two weeks ago

One hint is that they discuss Putin’s election victory as recent, when that happened two weeks ago.  Strange that they call Putin a hero and great leader when everyone else in Russia is saying the election was rigged? And that Putin is a Satan-worshiping member of the Illuminati, related to the Rothschilds, and has stolen billions from the Russian people, tucked away in a Vatican bank account…and here it seems they are hinting that Putin could be a good leader of the world and the new system. Huh? Is the Soviet Union some fine example of good leadership to lead as example, Russia with its mafia-controlled government, crime everywhere, the main exporter of child pornography, selling off its cache of suitcase nukes to rogue armies and unstable nations…and terrorists…such as the very Russian-made suitcase nukes the Cabal placed in Osaka last week?

And who is this alleged Alexander Romanov, “grand master” of the Gnostic Illuminati who looks and dressed like some Eurotrash they found in a Tokyo bar?  Prince Alexander Romanov died in 2002. This guy addresses Queen Elizabeth as “aunt” — if this is true, then this guy is a reptilian, right? We have just discovered that this “Romanov” is actually a shape-shifter, and is actually Nathaniel Rothschild!

Not long after the video went live, the Fulford clone or someone writes on the free blog:

This Alexander Romanoff or Richard Sorge or whatever it is he calls himself has provided physical proof that he represents seriously powerful and dangerous people. That is why I opened a dialogue with him. It does not mean I agree with everything he says.

Richard Sorge was an old Russian spy from the Cold War days.

And this “leader” of the Martial Arts Society who can summon up 200 million warriors, holding a sword and dressed and talking like a bad stereotype character out of a Japanese B-grade film or anime?  This is the same “actor” who claimed he rescued Fulford when kidnapped by the CIA:

yet the Fulford clone has been claiming he was not kidnapped, whereas the truth is, the Rothschilds had kidnapped him on Dec. 13, cloned him many times, and he has only now been freed from his prison.

Here is the real Fulford last year, talking about UFOs and other dimensions:

Compare that Fulford with this clone they are parading around, and decide for yourself: is this the same man?

Also, notice the medical computer to the clone’s side, connected to the clone’s back. That machine is keeping the clone running. (You may also notice the clone rubbing his nose like coke addicts do.)

And where is this being video-taped? In some small room with a bedsheet tossed up as a backdrop, with these “important” men sitting on small chairs at a tiny table?  If they were really sending out a grand message to the world, would it not be logical that they would at least find a nice setting? And who are those three people sitting in front of them?

finally, the Fulford clone claims that the God of Abraham and Allah are actually Satan. This is a nice slam by the Cabal to piss off the Jews and Muslims, being called Satanists, that could lead to strife and a war in the Middle East, which is what the Cabal wants.

This is not a “new” video and was only released as disinfo because the Fulford is now free…with two bad actors as some kind of powerful players…praising the Satan-worshipping Putin while accusing Israel and every Islamic nation of being the actual Satanists.

And consider this: why would the world want these men to be the new leaders of the grand new financial system?

This is a fraud, a con game manufactured by Bush/Obama/Rockefeller/the Priory of Dracos/etc.


The Wet Gun Powder of the Fulford Clone, Quick-Thinking Whrenjase, and Operation Kaiju


I know some of the readers here are growing wearisome of news of the Benjamin Fulford clones’ global antics, but it is relevant news to what is happening…and there are two new things: the detainment of the second, and hopefully last, Fulford Clone in Japan by Plejaran quick-thinker, Whrenjase, and the top-of-the-week new posting allegedly written by a Fulford.


Part One

First the posting…

One will notice that a number of readers commenting on the blog do not believe this is the “real Fuldord” because the posting contains matters that is old news, and other matters that are quite contradicting; sprinkle in a few truths and you have classic disinformation:

1. After claiming I am Mike (“Steve”) Cottrell yesterday, this person (not Fulford) now says I am someone named Danny Gammage of Hawaii working with Bush-man Cottrell. Who is Danny Gammage? I seem to remember someone on a forum claiming that Tolec was really a guy named Danny Gammage, but I could be wrong. There is a “Gammage” connected to the Federal Reserve. All Daniel Gammges from an internet search reveal several, none in Hawaii, the most prominent being a dentist in Louisiana who used to practice his DDS at Keesler Airforce Base in Biloxi, MS, a base known for housing USA-made anti-gravity ships and a cloning facility underground. Asket has made no psychic connection to the name, so it is possible “Danny Gammage” is a code for something to someone. If anyone knows anything about Danny Gammage, please let me know — and oh, no, I am not him, keep trying.

Also, this person claims that I, and this blog, are associated with the White Hats, which is false. Before, the real Fulford has stated the White Hats were working with the White Dragons to usher in a new financial system…why does he now claim the White Hats are the bad guys, and no mention of the White Hats being compromised. To wit: I am no longer with the White Hats, and only keep ties with the Uncompromised White Hats.

2. He lists the structure of the Rothschild Family’s holdings in Europe and the USA — all old info. Why re-list what everyone already knows?

3. 450 arrests of bankers. Well, who are they? This is partially true — these bankers were actually rounded up, killed, and replaced by clones. The Cabal targeted them as possible defectors who would betray the Cabal.

4. No further information on Anonymous, the March 31 deadline, Bill Gates’ arrests, Geithner, and so on.

5. He claims the CIA are now good guys. Uh…the CIA is run by the Cabal, Poppy Bush was once the head of it, the CIA does all the Cabal’s wet and dirty work…yet he states the Pentagon, FEMA, and the CIA are preparing to round-up bankers for arrests…the truth is these round-ups as mass replacements with clones and shape-shifters.

6. He states the earthquake attack on Japan for 3/22 was switched to Mexico, without mentioning the removal of nukes from Osaka, which the real Fulford would have known about and reported on. He does not state why Mexico was hit, and what really happened. He states “this earthquake was advertised in advance through pamphlets distributed locally,” which is somewhat true, the Brethren of the White Robe and Plejarans did spread the word to prepare for the attack on the Cabal Draco base under Oaxaca. Why wouldn’t the real Fulford mention this loss on the Cabal’s side?

7. He mentions an attempted coup in China by Japanese secret agents. This is true and the reason behind the mobilized invasion army China is planning.

8. He states the story of Lord Blackheath finding about the $15 trillion heist is a fake…wait a minute, “Ben,” wasn’t the arrests of Bill Gates and Timothy Geithner all about this $15 trillion bank heist masterminded by Poppy Bush? Now you are putting out disinfo to cover for them? This makes no sense.

9. He ends: “Overall, things are looking very good.” The entire post smacks of “all is well, the bad guys are going down, kick back and let us clean things up, the world will be hunky-dory.” This smacks of the same thing that Tolec and others do: make us believe we have nothing to worry about, to fight over.

Over all, this post is filled with contradictions, illogical assertions, old data and false information…since another Fulford clone has been located and detained, I am saying this post was not written by the real or cloned Fulford, but by an agent for the Rothschilds, who were behind the Dec. 13, 2011 kidnapping and cloning of the one true Benny “Leon” Fulford.




Part Two

Shortly after one Fulford Clone attempted the sanctioning of Daisaku Ikeda, another Fulford Clone was thwarted in its attempt to assassinate Eijiro Katsu, the Japanese senior minister of finance and secret head of the Yamaguchi-gumi, by a fast-thinking young Plejaran ground operative, Whrenjase (left), who had been tracking leads on the Fulford clone. The clone was packing a water pistol filled with what the clone claimed to be “liquid cynanide for a brave new world.” Tests concluded that the contents of the water pistol was indeed a diluted cyanide misxed with cocaine that, if sprayed on a person’s skin, would result in an instantaneous death.

Eijiro Katsu commended the actions of “our kind Plejaran space sisters like Whrenjase-san not only for stopping the clone assassin, but for the radiation clean-up headed by Semjase-san at Fukushima, as well the removal of the Cabal nukes in Osaka. The Plejarans will surely be an asset in the world changes to come,” noted Katsu, “and the new financial system, stopping all nefarious plans by the Rothschild cabal.”

When asked to comment, Nathaniel Rothschild, in London, said, “Japan is yet in for some uncanny surprises.”

A source at the Pentagon indicates that this “surprise” is known as “Operation Kaiju” in London “Project Godzilla” by Rockefeller.  Is this another planned earthquake attack?

“What it  is,” said the Pentagon source, “is a land invasion of giant Dracos warriors, reaching 500 feet tall; 200 of them could flatten a city like Tokyo in 12 hours and sink the whole damn island in a week.”

We have learned that these monster-sized Dracos are in cyro-stastis inside the seventeen-mile long craft that emerged from the Pacific ocean yesterday by the Kuril Islands.

“Hiroshima, mon amour.”


NOTE FROM FWH: Does this mean all the Fuford Clones have been captured or eliminated? Let us hope so; however, some unverified reports are coming in that Fulfords have been spotted in Berlin, Tel Aviv, Hiroshima, and Okinawa Island.

The Fulford Clone Claims I am a Global Elite Banking Criminal

It is getting amusing, the many people who think they have figured out who I am and where I am at.  Today, either one of the Fulford Clones (aka “Leon in Neon”)  or Mr. Rothschild’s agents wrote this on the Fulford free site:

My sources are telling me that the “former white hat,” is an agent by the name of Steve Cotrell (please respond in person Mr. Cotrell if you wish to deny this). Mr, Cotrell is being hunted by the Russian FSB because he was, along with Leo Wanta, one of the people who looted the resources of Russia and helped cause the collapse of the Soviet Union. He is in London, England right now.

Here is a big clue that this clone or operative does not have his info right: the guy he means is Michael C. Cottrell, not “Steve Cotrell,” who was wingman of Leo Wanta, the CIA agent who, via Ronald Reagan, was instrument in the collapse of the Soviet Union economy and knows were a hidden $27.5 trillion is (where the hell can you hide such a sum other than off-world, say, oh, the Royal Bank of Mars)…and is also closely tied to Paul Volker and Timothy Geithner, and….drum roll…the Obama Clones!

And isn’t it curious how Wanta resembles David Rockefeller…as if, mayhap, Wanta is actually a Rockefeller cousin, and, oh, just OH, the Rockefeller Banking Cabal has possession of that $27.5…hmm…

Let’s see, this must be the tenth name I have been targeted with, loose cannons all within the alternative media/CIA/publishing/Hollywood/porn/White Hat/Cabal assassin community, none of them coming even remotely close.

I am not Steve Cotrell, nor am I Michael C. Cottrell, and I am not (currently) near London, laddie. I am not even on the ground.

Our information has the real Cortell in the state of Nevada, and he has access to cloning tech.

Also, Leo Wanta is not in prison, at least not his original. That is a clone doing time. Does anyone think that the “27.5 Trillion Dollar Man” would actually be held in federal lock-up, when such money could buy the Moon?

Those reading closely may surmise that the Fulford Clone is writing in code, hence the name mistake. Other Steve Cotrells are a sifu fung-ku master, and the Bishop of Clemsford in the U.K.  Are either of these men Cabal financial crime masterminds?

What is interesting is that Cotrell and Wanta were deeply involved in the cloning program in Russia, underground the city of Valdivostok, known as Project Cossack, where clones were grown at the original’s spinal column and removed after reaching two inches, where they were put into vats to completion of growth. The Fuldord Clone hints at this, putting this out-of-context passage in his “letter” about “me”:

I recently found out the bizarre tumor removed from my spine a few years ago was something known as a teratomatic tumor which has many different types of cell in it. The Japanese doctor who removed it did not want to tell me what it was because, thinking I had typical Japanese sensitivities, he thought I would be upset at the loss of my “twin.” That is why it was a mystery to me at the time it was removed.

Without saying it outright, this Fulford copy is ADMITTING THERE WAS A CLONE GROWTH INSIDE THE ORIGINAL FULFORD, a “twin”…

The other curiosity is that, in searching for the original Fulford, we have a theory that Michael Cottrell, the real one anyway, is an agent of the Rothschilds and may have been behind the Dec. 13, 2011 abduction of Benny Fulford — the “I was at a stream” story is bogus, when the original story was that he had been arrested by the CIA and members of the White Dragons negotiated his release. What the White Dragons did not know at the time was that a clone was handed to their custody, not the original. At the time, the White Dragons were unaware cloning technology and trickery was at play here.

When we find the original and true Fulford (if he is still alive), it is certain he will have quite a story to tell, and verify the narrative released here.

P.S. And to those who are not with the Cabal and are not assassins, those of you sitting up late in your tiny apartments or mommy and daddy’s basement spending a lot of time and energy to “unmask” me, why do you care? Don’t you have better things to do like, oh, let’s see, prepare yourself for 5D acension and making sure you and yours are protected during the coming Great War of Time? Go meditate, read a book, smell a flower, make love to a lover…surely these are finer activities than stalking me and endlessly making a fool of yourself when you get caught up in the net-maze that leads you further away from who I am…next someone will claim I am Bill Clinton or Timthy Geithner…and you know, maybe I am…

You Choose

I have to agree with the Plejarans and Acrturians on this: appalled and disgusted with the number of people who WANT something bad to happen today; “we’re waiting,” they say. Waiting for what? For people to die, families to be separated, masses to be homeless, infrastructure to break down, martial law to take place, just so you can get a thrill out of watching it on tv in remote safety of your apartment like you did with Haiti and Japan?

And after all the effort made the past three days, and the lives lost in service to the planet, the nuclear weapons removed from Santa Monica Bay and Osaka, the destroyed base in Oaxaca, the battles over Turkey and Mexico, and between Mercury and Venus, people still say, “Well, when is it going to happen?” after many good aliens, White Hats, White Dragons, Brethren and Sisters of the White Robe, eliminated many threats…you people still want horror to gratify a base thirst.

The Plejarans and Andreomeda Council are “this close” to saying fuck it, let them have their armageddon if that is what they want. I have made my pleas, as have enlightened beings and leaders, for understanding of the human folly lacking ascended consciousness and aware compassion.

The time is near when each of you can choose the reality and world you prefer: of violence, war, poverty and hell; or peace, light, love and prosperity. You choose which universe best res0nates with you, and the one you deserve.

Outrageous False Information From the “Fulford” Free Site

Today, a bunch of false information was issued from Ben Fulford’s non-subscription typepad blog. There are a number of red light clues indicating that the real Benjamin Fulford did not write these:

1. A lame excuse over the assassination of Lord Blackheath. This “person” claims a member of the Rothschild family called to tell him. Why would anyone from the Rothschild bloodline tell Fulford anything when he is working against them? The REAL FULFORD would have known that Blackheath had been killed and then replaced by a clone.

2. Claims that the White Hats are putting out disinfo, calling “Fuldord” a cocaine addict and insane. Yet no mention of being a clone. Rather curious, yes? And this “person” claims the White Hats are trying to subvert the new financial system. Now, granted, the White Hats have been compromised, but  the uncompromised have been working with the White Dragons all along. Why did this “person” not mention the White Hats being compromised, instead blames all White Hats? This is the Cabal’s attempt to smear the White Hats as a whole. (Although I and others have split away from the White Hats, we still work closely with those we trust have not been compromised, turned or cloned.)

3. Claim that there was a March 13th announcement from Anonymous and that one member had been poisoned. Where is the message, the grand one? Why was this not addressed on his weekly update paid site? As I reported, the Anonymous members who were to release the message were terminated by the Cabal and other Anonymous members would release the message at a later date.The REAL FULFORD would know this and not murky the waters of this bullshit.

4. Claims Turkey has removed “Sabbatean Luciferian network from the government, media and armed forces.” This is hardly true. Turkey remains ensconced in Cabal control, but after the air battles between the Dracos and Plejarans in Turkey today, it is expected that Turkey will indeed soon be purged of the lizard boys’ and Rothschild/Rockefeller/Bush control.

ONCE AGAIN: Unless reported here, anything released on both Fulford sites is disinfo from Nathaniel Rothschild. Look at it this why: why has “Fulford” not addressed the clone issue? The nukes removed from Santa Monica Bay and Osaka? What happened in Mexico?

P.S. Side note: Fulford never had a staff, unless you count his wife and their bonsai tree. A staff for what? A weekly blog? Another indication that whoever is writing on these sites does not have all the facts on hand.

Nukes in Osaka Located and Deactivated

The White Dragon Society and Knights of the Silver Sword have removed and deactivated three suitcase-sized nuclear devices in Osaka, Japan; one locatted in the Kansai Airport, one in the Otami Airport, and one the area of Gojo. The locations were provided by one of the Benjamin Fulford clones, who has turned against his Cabalist creators.

Plejaran beamships destroyed half a dozen Cabal ships underwater in the bay, where a larger nuclear device was also located. Members of the Brethren of the White Robe deactivated it.

It was hoped that the Fulford Clone might be the original but after tests, it has been determined this is a clone.


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