Let Us Now Thank Our Fine Feline Friends and the Time-Traveling Vimanas from 15,000 Years Ago

The mystery of the convergence of cats has been solved, and is connected to 15,000 years in the past.

Over Wisconsin, Austria, and Hawaii, where the Alvah Consciousness has been emerging from the 7D underground world, an enormous pyramid-shaped vessel has been showing up in the sky…it is a time-travel vimana operated by M’habi Marabetokun, a Pharoah whose history was lost in the burning of the Library of Alexandria (although various artifacts of him have been found, pieces that baffle archeologists regarding who he is), who ruled over the regions of North and East Africa and India 15,000 years ago, and who battled the Alvah Consciousness from the Sanctum of Abbadon before…

…with the aide of feline energy.

Here are some vids where M’habi Marabetokun’s vessel has been spotted:

We have found out, from the Argatha Council, that when cats gather en masse, their combined psychic power can push the Alvah Consciouss back underground and to the 7D where it belongs.

Anyone who is aware of the magical properties of cat souls and how the ancient Egyptians worshipped cars (cats were feral creatures until the Egyptians domesticated them) will resonate with this imformation.

The Argathans put out a plea to the past, and since time is blending anyway, it was easy for this ancient leader to bring his vimana here and call upon the cats of the world to assist.  The previous sightings of the vimana were to drop off operatives from the past to prepare for the Great War of Time with an ancient enemy, the reincarnated soul of Akhenaton within Barack Obama.

I suspect the Alvah Consciousness from the Sanctum of Abaddon will, in a few days, not be a threat to 3D mankind…and that missing cats will return home soon.

If you have a cat, have you noticed a change in its demeanor the past 48 hours?  Does your cat act like she/he wants to go outside, as if it has a calling? It is a deeply rooted calling to fight evil, something that has been embedded into their DNA for eons…