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One Cloning Facility in Iran Destroyed


Transcript of text conversation between Lt. Cmdr. Aaron McCollumn and myself just 30 minutes ago. He has been activated and is in Iran doing pre-ops before the war starts.


AC: I can say — and the price was high– but I can say that one of the three cloning facilities in Iran is completely destroyed. They won’t be churning out any more dupes from this place. It’s gone, zap, buzzo zippo, bye-baby-byebye, flat and splat!

FWH: Did you see what they were cloning?

AC: Mostly basic fighting soldiers and some kind of big mutant that looked like a cross between a Doberman and a Camel. But here’ss zee kicker..we came across five fats growing Obama bin Ladens, all in different stages of growth. What do you think of them apples, Mr. _____?

FWH: Unbelievable.

AC: Hey, I got a brief about some Benny Fulford clones on the loose.

FWH: Yes. Delicado, too. Whitley Striber. And The President.

AC: Ah. Iran has three clone labs that intel has told us about. One down, two to go.

FWH: I owe you a beer when you get back, Lt. Commander.

AC: I’ll cash in that IOU!

Three Obamas Speak

For Immediate Release

March 18, 2012

When asked to weigh in on the recent clone epidemic rumors, President Barack Obama told the White House Press Core, “We are uncertain if these stories have any legs, but if true, I pledge that any clone created on U.S. soil will enjoy the rights all Americans have, and be eligibe for universal heath care…”

And then, to the shock and awe of all,two Obama Clones walked into the briefing room and stated in unison, “We concur.”

A reporter from CBS Evening News asked, “So it is true the government has cloning technology.”

One of the Obamas answered, “It is a change you can believe in.”

A reporter from Rueters News inquired, “Can three Obamas run the country in harmony?”

All three Obamas smiled and said, “Yes we can.”

Miriam Delicado’s Clone Attempted to Abduct Kerry Cassidy

Kerry Cassidy was having dinner with Miriam Delicado last night in West Hollywood. Or at least Kerry thought it was Delicado, but turns out it was a clone. When the Delicado Clone lured Kerry to an SUV, saying she had some amazing UFO photos, out from the vehicle jumped two other clones of Delicado, there to abduct Kerry and take her to a Cabal facility under the old Capitol Record Building in Hollywood proper and clone her.

Fortunately, the Uncompormised White Hats had been keeping Kerry under protective surveillance, fearing something like this would happen.

The Fulford Clone spotted outside Paramount Studios was also apprended.

Now with tree Delicado clones and one Fulford in custody, the Uncompromised White Hats (UWH) have learned of Project 711, a massive cloning operation to be completed and activated on July 11.

I will updatd when I know more. I may travel to Los Angeles next week to examine these clones myself.

We have always know the Capitol Records Building was an momument of the Cabal, the pointed obelisk aligned with Thuben, the star of the Dracos solar system, in similair fashion as the air shafts in Pharoah Khufi’s tomb in the Giza pyramid is.

The Giza Intelligence Society has long been involved in the recording industry, planting Satanic messages buried deep in many pop songs. What you see above ground of the building is merely 20% of the facilities below. Many of the missing children and homeless wind up down there, devoured or programmed.

Invasion of the Fulford Clones

I am sad — and frustrated — to report that what we thought was the original Benjamin Fulford did not pass the clone test. It would appear that this clone strongly believed he was an original; he went beserk and murdered the other clone with a knife before he could be subdued.

And with the reported sightings of Fulford all over the globe…what a mess. This was a plan to create chaos and confusion by Nathaniel Rothschild himself.

Do not trust whatever clone writes on his blog tomorrow.

NOTE: Any “Fulford” who claims he is not a clone is NOT the real Benjamin Fulford. The clone does not realize it and/or has been programmed to deny he is a clone. Do not trust any clone’s claim of  being the original until the Brethren of the White Robe has put him through scrutiny of a clone test.

Gary McKinnon: Project Mannequin Agent and Clone

Gsry McKinnon was taken at age four to undergo training, torture and programming via the British arm of MK Ultra in Project Mannequin. He was taken to a six-level base 200 feet underground the village of Peasemore at Berkshire, a facility known as Al/499, where most UK children are molded to become soliders, operatives, sex slaves and assassins.

Returning from duty on Mars in 2006, a disinfo plan was hatched by the NSA. McKinnon would pose as a marijuana-smoking amateur hacker who somehow found a backdoor into US government and NASA databases (c’mon, folks, they are not that sloppy) where he stumbled on photos of anti-gravity ships and crew manifests for United States Space Command. That information is correct. The plan was to release this information into the public to gauge reaction, if people would accept or believe it. To add creditbility to the story, a bogus investigation and extradiction demand, along with hearings in the UK courts, was manufactured. This way people would say, “Well, if the USA wants to prosecute him, what he found must be real.”

It is real, but the circumstances are all disinfo.

However, the lover of McKinnon’s ex-girlfriend murdered McKinnon, thinking he was doing the Cabal a favor and would be rewarded for it. He found himself tortured and mind-wiped instead. A clone of McKinnon was gestated to take his place.  If they allowed the murder to become known, it would raise too many suspicions and there would be citizen outcry that the US government had him killed, when it was nothing but a crime of jealousy and opportunity.

What further orders will be given to the McKinnon Clone is unknown.

Projects Pied Piper and Strawman

I have just gone through almost 1,000 pages of dossiers on two Cabal projects that have now come to light…

Project Pied Piper

The Occupy Movement is Cabal-created, an idea conceived by Hilary Clinton as a way to control the masses. By using an initial set of agents to start the Occupy Movement, impassioned people would be drawn to it like mice to the Pied Piper, where they could then either be mind-cotrolled or cloned for further use. It seems the project is working, with disinfo news on evert network. Those Occupyers that get arrested? A combination of disino and people taken for brain re-programming or complete body replacement with a clone.

Project Strawman

If you are not informed on the strawman financial scam implemented by the Federal Reserve and the Coporation of the United States, you should read up on it, about you and your fictitious doppleganger.

The Cabal has taken it to a nefarious height: an enormous project to clone 25% of the citizens of the US, if not the world. So far they are in Beta mode: the cloning of random citizens of all race, creed, and exonomic status. Which means, anyone could be a clone. Alpha mode was the cloning of public figures, movie stars, journalists, talk show hosts — anyone who had the capacity to influence many people vis a platform and audience.  Now, with random cloning, you cannot be sure who around you is a clone.

You could be a clone. Your neighbor could be a clone. Your co-worker, your spouse, your kids, that hot jogger you see every morning, that barista who makes your chai latte, that hooker you visit once a week, your stockbroker, your auto mechanic, your kids’ kindergarten teacher, your barber or hairstylist…they will not be aware of what they are; they are unknowingly waiting for activation for a large scale operation.

Of course, we have seen such scenarios in movies: Invasion of the Body Snatchers, the human Cylons in Battlestar Galactica

In this situation, it is…real…

Ask yourself: are you a clone? Are your memories real? Does it seems sometimes your memories have been implanted? Does it seems like Someone Else is pulling the strings of your life as if you were a mere puppet for the Cabal? Does it seem like your spouse, partner, roommate, sibling or child left the house and returned slightly changed, looking slightly different, the light in their eyes perhaps dimmed, their memories suddenly incomplete? Have they suddenly changed political sides, religious views, a taste for an exotic food?

Who around you is a clone, and who is an original human being?

I wish I knew what the mass scale clone activation event consists of, or when the project goes zenith; that seems to be a mystery for now…

Bizarre Kinky Sex and the Henry Kissinger Clones

Have you ever wondered why Henry Kissinger doesn’t look like he has aged much? Take a look at a photo of him in the 1960s and compare it to one now, it looks like he has only aged maybe 10 years.  Each time he transfers bis soul into another clone — or clone to clone since his orginal died — the new clone is aged a bit because it would raise too many red flags if he appeared the same age over several decades. But as I have stated before, the more you clone a clone, things break down, such as incredible weight gain.

Kissinger used to be a Nazi hunter in the 4os-50s (even though he was a Nazi collaborator himself, but he led to US and British to a 30 billion dolalr cache of hidden gold if he could be spared war crime prosecution). He found early clone tech when he tracked down a Nazi in Uruguay who had been working on the tech, and was a former pal of his during the war. He knew about the research and wanted the US gov to finish the research and give him new bodies…several times Kissinger has been attacked and bombed, lost limbs, eyes, etc….he just moves his soul into a freshly grown clone and he is as good as new.

He was deeply involved with Projects Monarch and Talent, since the programs were originally designed by the Nazi research scientists. Kissinger often picked the children to be mind contrlled for his future use. Here he is with Dolly Patron, a milab and Cabal entertainment industry agent. Kissinger had her modified to have unnaturally large breasts…

He was director of the super solider program during Vietnam, later sharing the job with Richard Nixon. Kissinger has sent many mind-controlled assassins out to kill hundreds of people.

He, and others, also have younger, more trim and fit clones used in private, so they can enjoy a day or two of youth, have sex, whatever…I have credible information that Kissinger has a strange kink where he will enter a young clone soul, say age 19, and have sex with another one his clones, age 10-20.

Is that masturbation?

When Sarah Palin was assassinated by the Abecedarians (Gnostic Illuminatis who go to extremes), Kisisnger has her immediately cloned. He was infatuated with her; he knew Obama was selected for the Preidency but they needed a clone should she be chosen for the next President in the future. He had several clones of her made, one for him to “play” with — that is, he transfers his soul into her clone for a few hours and stands in front of a mirror, naked.

Ron Paul Not Cloned….Yet….

An attempt by the Cabal allies, the Mantis-looking entities (I have no idea what their real names are or where they come from, only that they work with the reptilians), was made last night to abduct Ron Paul and clone him. That was averted, and the Knights of the Silver Sword (which Paul is a member) now have in custody the dead bodies of two Mantis enetities and three negative greys, as well as their reptilian provided technology.

I only hope that Mr. Paul does not become compromised or cloned…they have tried many times…the only way to tell is if he suddenly reverses on his opinions and beliefs.

The Sean David Morton/Benjamin Fulford Deception

It has come to our attention (I speak for the Brethern of the White Robe here) that the Fulford Lookalike/Clone spoke up on Sean David Morton’s radio show and jested about  “next time” he is cloned he wants a thinner, younger version…note that he said “next time.”

Here is some info on cloning technology used by the dark cabal: the “units” are they are called have an expiration date, anywhere from one week to three years, depending on the need and the programming. Normally, a clone (as we have seen with certain politicians) needs replacing every 3-5 months; the “new unit” will carry new programming.

The Fulford clone let the cat out of the bag, as it were, by stating “next time.”

Now, about Sean David Morton…he is a mind-controlled disinfo agent but he is not consciously aware of it. He used to work for the military as a remote viewer, where he was also placed into a mind-control MK Ultra type program for future use.

He has, for more than 15 years, been given information true and false to repeat in public as his visions or spiritual messages. He was never in a Tibetan monastary or was friends with the Dali Lama…he believes this, but they are implanted “memories.”  If you listen to him, he talks about having once known many important people — from Terrence McKenna, former astronauts, senators, etc. No, these are implanted falsehoods. He believes these false memories but his controlled matrix is beginning to break down.

I know this myself because for three months, while I was employed by a certain government entity, I was on the Los Angeles team that handled his programming. I am not proud of doing this to him and others, which is why I broke off and joined the White Hats effort.,

One of the side-effects of being given false memories and programmed instructions is grotesque weight gain, as we have seen is Mr. Morton’s case:

This is the same case with Preston Nichols, who is a mind-control victim and has been programmed, and probably is still programmed.  His gradual obesity is a direct result of the body’s reaction to cabal reptilian programming.

Mr. Morton is what the public would call “A Manchurian Candidate,” and what we called, in the agency, a “Sirhan Chapman.” I am afraid Morton may be given a final program order and he will either go on a homicidal rampage or assassinate a politucal or Hollywood personality. The only way Morton can stop this is to find the right de-programmers, either from non-compromised White Hats or proper psychologists…one clue is that every time he “sees” UFOs in the sky at the beach where he lives, those are screen memories that he has been abducted (or Milabed) and given proramming, memories, and orders from the military industrial banking cabal of the NWOs.

Also, Morton’s programming handler, his case officer if you will, is his own wife “Melissa,” a hybrid, not unlike the situation in the movie Total Recall.

In future posts, I will reveal other mind controlled and programmed — or conscious agents — of the black ops/black cabal/Illuminati reptilian Satanic Freemason order, people who are in the media or public and spread disinformation and work for the Clinton/Bush/Obama/Rockefeller/Kissinger/Greenspan evil crime organizations, including:

George Noory

Alex Jones


Sheperd Smith

Bill Ryan

Jeff Rense

“Bill Wood”

and so on.

I end with this quote –

And white robes were given unto every one of them; and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet for a little season, until their fellowservants also and their brethren, that should be killed as they [were], should be fulfilled. –Reveleations 6:10

and leave you with this image to decode the hidden message that your heart can read –


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