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The Drake-Woody-WereClone-Deatra Drama — What Beast Slowly Slouches Toward Bethlehem?

It appears the real, non-clone Drake has started a blog but has not posted much yet, and has put up a FAQ, originally on Lady Corso’s Wolf CIA site,coming from the compromised FreedomReigns.

The Brock and Eva Werewolf MooreClone did a recent interview with Australian computer-generated personality and Cabal Dominatrix Lisa Harrison, continuing his mind-control disinfo campaign to convince people that Obama is one of “the good guys” (note how Harrison says Obama is a shape-shifting reptilian):

Note some things:

1. Lisa Harrison is obvious CGI, she is not real.

2. The Brockman looks and talks like he is hypnotized.

3. Eva Wereclone almost seems to be moving her lips very clandestinely when Brock talks, like she is doing a ventriloquist act…one thing seems evident, she is controlling him like a puppet.

4. Brock does discuss one matter that is indeed true and that I have mentioned several times: there are a million timelines right now, constant fluctuations of events that people can feel, but all converging on two outcome timelines: 5D earth and 3D earth, perhaps a blending of the two…however, the Cabal has not stopped Project Looking Glass.

5. His continued contention and mind-control that Obama is a white hat is b.s.

And yet more evidence is surfacing that the O-Clone ‘s original was indeed born Kenya and never was a rightful citizen of these united states.

This blogger has been writing about the Drake/Brock/Corso/Wilcock issues and offers some intelligent insights, such as this re: free speech:

There is a part of Drake’s message (and example) that is not, in my opinion, a good model for a free American citizens everywhere. Freedom of Speech is a very big deal and a very important and key part of living in a free country. Freedom Reigns, Drake, Deatra and William Silva are not exemplary examples of people to walk their talk when it comes to free speech. Major William Silva quashed freedom of speech on the Freedom Reigns Group website on Facebook (regarding Bill Brockbrader), Deatra tried to quash free speech on Wolf Spirit Radio by telling Dave Corso that she and Drake would no longer broadcast on Wolf Spirit as long as they allowed Bill Brockbrader (aka Bill Wood) to have his Monday evening show there, and now Drake’s has allowed his own freedom of speech to be quashed by Deatra and Freedom Reigns. Sorry — WAY TO CULTISH for me.

Drake and Deatra’s recent blogtalkradio appearance seems somewhat dull and over-moralistic, and Drake doesn’t address their issues with the Brock and Lady Corso.

Mystery of Missing People in Calgary, Canada

7 people — men, women and children — went mysteriously missing last week in Calgary, Canada, during the full moon. It is now suspected that when the cloned Eva Moore morphed into a viscious but luscious sharp-toothed hairy werewolf, she devoured these people as evening snacks…and anyone she may have only bitten or scratched are at risk of their DNA changing from huamn to lycanthrope.

“You callin’ me a shewolf clone, bitchhat? Eayh?”

Shocking: Agent Eva Moore Admits to Being a Werewolf Clone! …and Sean David Morton Has Gravitational Pull!

It is good to see the Eva Moore werewolf clone publicly admits she is a werewolf clone…self-awareness even in clones can be a good thing. And when you watch and listen to Canadian Army Intelligence Agent Eva Moore, how could she be anything other than a werewolf clone? A space-cadet New Age neo-hippie? Nah. Werewolf clone, created by order of Vladimir Putin…and speaking coded messages to fellow Luciferian agents out there about Cabal Illuminati Freemason plans:

How come she doesn’t talk about her dark days as a call girl/porn starlet/MK Ultra mind controlled Cabal sex slave?

What bothers me is her saying Brock Williams (Bill Wood) is interviewing Drake…remember I revealed that Brock is CIA and his mission is to get close to certain people and terminate them by order of Poppy Bush and Obama…Drake could be in danger of assassination or being turned into a transvestite tearoom trader.

Drake: keep all contact via phone or Skype. Do not physically meet with Brock.

But wait...some believe I am Drake…so did I talk to Brock, and did Brock laddie realize that I, your friendly neighborhood Former White Hat, is none other than Drake?

Nah, I am Proctor Gamble and Sean David Morton…I mean Sean David Morton ATE Proctor Gamble and he will eat Bill and Eva too once he finds them…for Sean David Morton’s nefarious plan is to EAT THE WHOLE WORLD AND BECOME THE WORLD.

After all, Sean Morton has his own gravitational pull. Really? Have you ever seen things in orbit around his planetary body?


Maybe Eva Clonemoore Werewolf needs to get him into the gym…

Portrait of a Young Man as Sean David Morton:

Sean David Morton in an alternate universe as a black man:


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