Miriam Delicado’s Clone Attempted to Abduct Kerry Cassidy

Kerry Cassidy was having dinner with Miriam Delicado last night in West Hollywood. Or at least Kerry thought it was Delicado, but turns out it was a clone. When the Delicado Clone lured Kerry to an SUV, saying she had some amazing UFO photos, out from the vehicle jumped two other clones of Delicado, there to abduct Kerry and take her to a Cabal facility under the old Capitol Record Building in Hollywood proper and clone her.

Fortunately, the Uncompormised White Hats had been keeping Kerry under protective surveillance, fearing something like this would happen.

The Fulford Clone spotted outside Paramount Studios was also apprended.

Now with tree Delicado clones and one Fulford in custody, the Uncompromised White Hats (UWH) have learned of Project 711, a massive cloning operation to be completed and activated on July 11.

I will updatd when I know more. I may travel to Los Angeles next week to examine these clones myself.

We have always know the Capitol Records Building was an momument of the Cabal, the pointed obelisk aligned with Thuben, the star of the Dracos solar system, in similair fashion as the air shafts in Pharoah Khufi’s tomb in the Giza pyramid is.

The Giza Intelligence Society has long been involved in the recording industry, planting Satanic messages buried deep in many pop songs. What you see above ground of the building is merely 20% of the facilities below. Many of the missing children and homeless wind up down there, devoured or programmed.