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Brave New Tech? Arcane Stuff, Really…

They tote this miniaturization of RFID chips as advancements in consumer technologies, when, thanks to reptilian/gray tech 1,000 years ahead of this junk, these chips, which cab carry 10,000 times  more data, plus explosives, in microscopic nanites—you know, the nanites dropped onto the oppressed peoples via chemtrails, put in Peet’s and Starbucks and McDonalds and KFC/Taco Bell, found in children’s toys, injected into flu shots, laced in nail polish and lipstick, in condoms and douches — nanites that find their way to your brain stem and lobes and when activated, activate YOU….or they get their hooks into your DNA and reprogram the information so that you will be like Gregor Samsa and wake up physically changed into insectoids, reptoids, mutant soldiers…or they find their way into a growing fetus inside a womb and really mess with the DNA and kick out souls to create vessels for negative entities to use in the third denisities…ah, yes, this stuff Hitachi and Centrium and Phizer and CERN roll out to the public is stuff the Dracos gave the Cabal back in the 1970s.

Plejaran Missing in Wisconsin: Nellet

 A Plejaran recon operative has gone missing in the outskirts of Clintonville, Wisconsin, while investigating  the presence of the Alvah Consciousness from the Sanctum of Abbadon.

Her public name is Nellet. She last checked in with Semjase at 4:45 PM EST. Her single-pilot beamship was found in a woods area abandoned.

There appears to be signs of a scuffle and blood on the ground. The blood, however, is not Plejaran but mercury-based human with traces of nanites, as found in super soldier blood with metal alloy sketeltons made from the rings of Saturn.  It is being tested against samples from James Casbolt, James Rink, and a number of known female super soliders.


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