Answers to Plejaran Questions

Many of you have asked: why are women from the Taygeta solar system and the planet Erra, aka Pleiadians or Plejarens/Plejarans (just as we call people from the USA Americans, Westerners, US Citizens, etc) good-looking tall blonde women?

1. Not all are blonde, or tall, there are some brunettes but no redheads. If you ever saw or read Shriley McClain’s Out on a Limb, the Plejaran woman, Meiya, mentioned is a petite brunette; however, the majority of Plejaran women do tend to be blonde and around 6″-6″5′. The majority of men are also blonde and average 6″-6″8′.

2. The ratio of women to men is 10-1. This is why on Erra there is plural marriage, simply for the necessity of campionship and co-creation of children.  With the practice of unconditional love, there is no possessiveness or jealousy within marriages, and while lesbianism is not generally practiced outside of experimention, wives within a family unit consider themselve married to each other as well as the husband member. The marriage family unit is more akin to a soul-group — otfen those in a soul group will marry in the physical on Erra. “Marriage” is not the same as we define on earth, te contract of shared property, combining houses, and sexual exclusivity. Children are not created physically, that is, a Plejaran woman does not carry a fetus inside her. Children are created between a man and one or two, or even three, women, through the intent and agreement to create a new vessel for a Lyran/Plejaran soul to incarnate into.  The process is a ritual of love; there is making love as we know it, yes, but also the love between two or more minds and souls. It takes about nine of our hours for the gestation to complete, and from the energy orb of love (where they can watch the fetus grow, and see a soul enter it) emerges a child that we would consider 3-8 months of age; the majority of new children are female and the gender is never the choice of the family creators but Creation itself. From there, the raising of a child is the responsibility of all in the family unit, and the child goes through the regular process of growing up, but takes 80-100 years to finish basic schooling and reach what we could consider 12-15 years old. That is why if you ever encounter a Plejaran flying a beamship, or commanding a small fleet, and looks like a teenager, she or he is actually 200-300 years old. The Pleiades system is also in a sector of the galaxy where feminine energy is stronger than the masculine, which will be the same for earth is the Age of Aqurius (where Pieces and Aries had been ruled by masculine energy). In the next 100-200 years, the 5th density earth will also have a 10-1 women to men ratio and plural marriage family units will be the norm.

3. By Western standards, the Plejaran females are attractive (not all cultures find tall fit blondes attractive, some find them abberrations) and in top physical condition, and this is simply part of their advanced evolution, of mind body and spirit; more beauty radiates inside than outside anyway. And yes, earth ladies, Plejaran men are “hunks.” And on Erra, clothes are quite optional; they only wear clothes or suits here (and similar to earth fashions) because the reaction of humans to naked aliens (the way most reptoids and grays wear no clothing) would be too overwhelming and seem more like a strange sexual fantasy than an enocunter with an ET.

Beyond that, Plejarans are human beings much like us — they eat, shit, piss, make love, laugh, play, fight, meditate, cry, rejoice, regret, suffer karma, feel lonely, feel loved, feel fulfilled, and search for a closer connection to Source as we do. Unlike earth humans, they don’t murder, acquire money, backstab, destroy, intentionally hurt another’s feelings, or lie; all impossible in a telepathic society where such negative energy cannot be hidden.

When encountering an ET, would you prefer facing someone like Medical Healer Fenosh:

or this?