Duncan O’Finioan: Super Solider on and off-World, Ticking Time Bomb of Project Talent

by Former White Hat

Everything that Duncan O’Finioan has told people publicly is true: he was placed into MK ULTRA and Project Talent as a child (he was basically sold to the Cabal by his parents who needed money and did not know exactly what they were getting their child into, plus his grandfather was a Freemason who worked with the Bush Family in the 1920s), turned into a super soldier at age 12 or so, his strength and psychic abilities used in Vietnam, Laos, the Soviet Union, Panama and the first Gulf War.  He and his unit were also sent off-world, such as Mars, to take care of problems, and were loaned out to the Procyon Freedom Brigrade during their war with the grays. (On Mars his handler was Major Ed Dames, and in one skirmish he and his unit saved the lives of young Barry Soetoro and Andrew Basiago.) He has nightmares about the off-world atrocities but he seldom mentions it because he is unsure if they are dreams or true memroies — or implanted ones.

The Mantis entities attempted to kidnap him and re-program him for their use, but Dunc killed five of these beings with his own hands; impressive as these were 10-feet tall creatures who normally can nuetralize humans with their minds, but Dunc was trained to block alien mind control with a device planted in his head, the same device that would trigger his second personality, the killer solider.

His orignal handlers were Henry Kissinger, Richard Nixon and George W. Bush, when Bush ran the CIA. His later handler was one Colonel Potts …by that time Dunc was training young soliders hand-to-hand combat, psychic warfare, and sword-fighting. I personally saw him as a training officer on The Farm in the early 1990s, after Gulf One; he was not “Duncan” but his op-197 personality, nicknamed “Legs” because he always seemed to get pleasure out of breaking the legs of his targets before killing them, and I mean breaking the legs in several places, making his targets suffer (word is he tore off the limbs of the Mantis creatures who tried to snag him, then gouged out their eyes before decaptitating them with a katana sword).

One time he turned on Col. Potts, reasons unknown. It was felt that he was getting too old and he was a ticking time bomb, that his two personalities could merge and cause a psychotic mess.  It was decided he had to go and they tried to graveyard him via a car crash but that flopped and he lived…however, the crash triggered memories and an MRI machine fried his brain implant.

He believes the implant’s malfunction (it was old reptilian tech, after all) has freed him from being activated, but there is a secondary implant in his left leg. He is still activated now and then, mostly for training, some off-world missions…and if they want, to assassinate.

The White Hats have tried to recruit him but he has said, “Boys, I could turn on you and I won’t be in control. You don’t want that.”

Perhaps sage advice.

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