MILAB Gals, Won’t You Deactivate Tonight?

by Former White Hat

The following MILAB gals/Project Monarch/black ops/super soldiers are the real deal and their stories are 70% true. I say 70% because some of their memories are false implamts/programs to confuse them if they should start remembering real things or if the alters atart surfacing into their primary personalities. I have crossed paths with all of them in the past — no missions, their alters just happened to be where I was at certain times.  3 of the 4 are still activated now and then. The Brethren of the the White Robe extend a hand to help purge all programming activation and zap all nanites from bloodstream and bone marrow (unless your bones are metal from the rings of Saturn).

If you are clones…well, won’t be so easy.

Lilu in Australia. Read her interview here. I know her real name but I won’t reveal it.

Niara Isley, Moon stationed — watch her interview here.

“Sandra” the super solider, read her blog here.

Anya Briggs, read her blog here or interview here.


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