YHWH Pays a Visit to Benjamin Fulford, Angry at Being Called Satan

by Former White Hat

(JCN Network) — Controversial internet journalist Benjamin Fulford, recently freed from Rothschild imprisonment by the White Dragon Society and the Brethren of the White Robe, was seen running naked from his apartment in Tokyo this morning at 4:00 A.M., claiming that he had been paid a visit by the God of Abraham, known as YHWH (Yahweh) in Judaism, Allah in Islam.

After given a sedative, the distraught Fulford-san told the police: “The God of Abraham, this deity also called Allah, was pissed off because I told the world that he is Satan.”

Fulford is expected to announce a retraction for the slander against this vengeful, violent god.

Asked to comment, Satan, from his villa in Vatican City, said, “Go ahead and think I am Allah Yahweh, go ahead and say Fulford is correct, that is fine with me — for I am my Name.”


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