by Former White Hat

I am back from three weeks on Procyon…only 10 hours earth time!

But what is “time” but a fabrication of rotations in the 3rd Density?

On the amusing side: More sad people who have nothing better to do and fancy themselves detectives of the net left messages for me in the comments section that I deleted but will tell you what they said:  three people who think they know who I am; I am now three different people am I, eh? Now they claim I am in either Arizona, San Diego, or Mexico — oddly, Jim Stone is in Mexico on the run from the Cabal, maybe they still think I am Jim Stone? My response: Keep trying, people, but the fact is: you are not good enough, you are not smart enough, you have fallen into every trap I set up to keep you guessing, to keep you confused, to make you convinced you have stumbled onto something which is horse puckey, all that keeps you far far away. Why are you so obsessed with unmasking me? Have you nothing better to do?  I have been accused of being at least 15 different people now, none of them even close, and many quite a distance away. I am here to tell you: you are delusional, psychotic, pathetic, and in need of psychiatric care; please.

On the not so amusing side: we have discovered the Alvah Consciousness is still trying to emerge from inner earth, from Salinas and Monterey, California, to Northern Japan and Louisiana. Our fine feline friends continue to keep it underground. New enemies in the game, the Larhar people, attacked an Andromedan ship and caused much damage, more on that later. The USAF lost its battle with the Fourth Reich.

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