The Laher People as Illuminati Mascots

by Former White Hat

So take a good look at the 2012 Olympic Games’ two mascots…one eyed creatures that look exactly, from head to toe, like Laher beings from the future.

Doesn’t this seem rather curious…

Do any of you nay-sayers out there doubt me now? Reality is stranger than any of us can imagine.

I still have not told my story about going to 2749 with Al Beilek and finding out who the Laher are and their connection to Project Montauk, Tesla, Alesiter Crowley, and the Alvah Consciousness from the Sanctum of Abbadon…I need to sit down for a while and figure out how to explain it all in a way that will make sense to you all…it still blows my mind…

I can say this: the Laher plan to attack during the games, which will be interesting since the Cabal plans a false flag attack and blame it on the Plejarans, making the Greys look like the good guys.

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