Fake Drake Drama “and That Sort of Thing”amabob

by Former White Hat

With Annunaki ships engaging Dracos and US Space Command ships in earth’s atmosphere, Laher ships popping up in Antarctica, zombie cannibals in the US and werewolves in Canada, and the Diamond Spider Invasion, the Drake situation is small news, but worth mentioning:

Drake and Company (and clones) were “kicked off” Freedomreigns website and Facebook, according to this radio broadcast. On Facebook, all of Drake’s (and others) posts were deleted, Deatra doing the usual censorship thing (especially posts regarding her arrest) and Drake’s about page was removed on Freedomreigns.us. Drake and Company state that they did not want to be connected to Deatra’s money scams (and I have intel that Deatra will indeed be charged with federal wire fraud along with writing bad checks). They also note on their new FB page that, unlike Deatra’s realm, they honor Freedom of Speech/Expression and will not censor any comments or opinions; one person in Drake’s camp also states that there is a “darkness: associated with Freedomreigns.

Is this true or a crafty psyops? After all, William Silva controls the Drake clones and he seems to not have left. Deatra has been telling people, on the sly, that she found out Drake is a fraud and a shill for the Cabal, plus a clone.

Seems many Drake groupies, and FR members who are pissed off about Deatra’s money scam, have left in droves…let’s see how many donations Deatra can suck out of fools now.

A third view: Deatra is a money-scammer, Drake is a fake, they are all b.s. to confuse people, perhaps a psyops research project to see how many people will buy it. Who knows…Drake has been booted from, what, four radio stations…if he was really connected to the white hats in the Pentagon, one would think he would find a forum on a more professional radio station and not these tiny free sites that have constant connection issues.

But is it not interesting this happens a day after my call for a white light jolt to cause the Cabal to turn against one another? I find that to be a clue as to who these people really are.

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