My Female Doppleganger from the GAL-Universe

by Former White Hat

This is what happened:

When we stormed the base in Bolivia, the Mantoids activated a trans-universe portal to not only escape us, but to flee from being eaten by the Diamond Spiders who had infiltrated their lair. The portal was unstable and caused a rift between this Universe, the DERN, and the GAL-Universe where certain things are opposite, such as a world without democracy and ruled by kings, queens, monarchs, dukes, earls, lords, knights and even an Emperor or Empress. Many of our dopplegangers, or counterparts, are of the opposite sex. I wrote about this when James Casbolt found himself in the GAL and became romantically involved with his female self.

My female self from the GAL was thrown into this universe when her team from the Daughters of the Phoenix stormed a similar Mantoid base in their Bolivia.

The portal is shut and we don’t know how to open it. One hundred Daughters of the Phoenix and twenty-five members of the Sisterhood of the White Thing are trapped here, many captured by the Naval Alternate Universe Tactical Office. Asket and I have taken my female doppelgänger to the base on the island of Tongo.

This could be a problem if we can’t find a way of returning these doubles to the GAL.

Then again, two of me could be quite a team. I have before dealt with my other selves from the past and future, as well as a clone from a future timeline that was stopped.

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