Radiation Spreads in Great Lakes Region…

by Former White Hat

The Plejaran and Andomedan fleets have been dispatched to assess the problem and attempt to clean up the massive radiation spread.You can thank the black ops gov Cabal for thinking the use of nukes is the best way to stop an alien force from taking all their precioius gold…unless of course this was the plan all along,

A user called Alaska Freedom reports on the fallout of the battle at SurvivalistBoards:

Been following it since it started hours ago. Have print screen of the changes every few minutes at both sites. At exactly the time Fox news was called by a local there the sites went into re-set, but then started up again.
Now mind you they are not connected in any way so coincidence is a 50/50 thing. but after re-set both went up again so now its not coincidence. At the same time other areas picked up higher amounts, nothing major just higher in a short period of time
and far apart. Sweden picked up 700CPM. also.
Direct tv went down in many parts of the country from Alaska to the East Coast.
Many websites crashed at the same given time. Ok coincidence if you say so but think about it.
I think something stinks and it is being covered up.

Here is more.

Northern Indiana weather live never moved for hours. Stayed the same. Rain storm was in the shape of a circle. No rain storm looked like that I ever say.

South Chicago airport webcam, also live, refreshes every few seconds, never moved for hours, not even a fly past the street light, not a light or car or anything. It was totally froze in place. WHY?

HAARP site: When I went there when it was first starting, I was one of two people there, but with in minutes there were thousands from all over, Why?

Radar showed rain but it was actually clear there. (Clear-weather channel)

People in area reported feeling sick

News media refused to take the reports and stories from local people flooding the phone lines. WHY? CNN,FOX NEWS, MSMBC ect….would not respond to request.

Thousands spent hours scared and not knowing what was really happening.

Its easy for many here to joke about it till one day its your town and you will see that fear is no joking matter. Think about it next time


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