Nommos People Fight the Mantis and Laher People

by Former White Hat

Ships from Sirius B, or Tolos Po, manned by the Nommos People, have been destroying the Mantoid and Laher scout ships seeking reptilian feeding grounds. Seems the Dogon people near Timbuktu have called upon their ancient friends for help. This is surprising, as the Nommos (an amphibian fish-type race that can live under water or on land) never joined the Andromeda Council because they do not believe in the non-interference policy and have been known through time giving humanity technology outside of natural evolution.

A meeting between the Plejarans, Arcturians, Annunaki Rebellion Faction, and the Nommos is scheduled tomorrow on Mt. Ararat.  I will be attending as a representative of mankind. I am told Zeus, Odin, Quetzalcoatle, Mishe’hatu’i, and Gilgemesh will be there too.

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