A Note on Comprehension and Viewpoint from the Limitations of the Third Density

by Former White Hat

To those of you out there who keep saying, “That’s impossible” and “how can that be?” and “I don’t understand…” well, noL you do not.

You have been programmed since a child (and even in the womb) by society, TV, your schools and your parents (who were also programmed) to believe “this or that” is impossible, that there are limits; you find it incomprehensible that there are sentient, intelligent vegetable for fruit-based lifeforms smarter and more advanced, spiritually and technologically, than humans; you find it impossible that the myths you heard of are not myths but real; that there are alternate universes with alternate versions of all us, male and female and third and fourth sex; you find time travel and telepathy and UFOs and human-eating reptilians that shapeshift into world keaders not within your grasp of reality; your paradigm (fearful of being shattered) does not have room to include demi-gods, monster spiders, or giant walking rutabegas that want to eat Chicago (yes, we stopped one of those in 1982)…

Do not twist your mind trying to figure it out, or what and how reality is in the 6-20 densities, how they are possible or impossible, for you are wasting your time and energy and will only give yourself a headache and then you will try to justify your inability to comprehend and grasp these matters by saying, “Well that is impossible.”

Some things of higher densities are “impossible” or do not exist in either 3 or 5D; the laws of physics and reality differ greatly there, just as you in your carbon-based body could not exist in the 7-8-9Ds, because there is no oxygen there, or food, and you could not travel by thought as those beings do.

Myself, I have a 5D comprehension of things and only minimal when I am in 3D; even in 5D, I have no way of truly understanding how reality is in, say 7D or 15D, nor can I attempt to explain it in language symbols; only that I know these realms exist but I do not know who truly is there, what reality is like for them, how they travel or exist, etc.

For those who keep saying it is impossible, it could not be, it does not fit in your paradigm: I leave you the limitations of your 3D minds and bodies, and moreso: the lack of what inspires Creation: the manifestation of the imagination, to make any thought transform into the “real.”

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