Drake and the ET Cops

by Former White Hat

It should be obvious by now that the Drake Clone 6, the false Drake Kent Bailey, has malfunctioned and gone off the deep end more than Bobby Joe Fanin and its worst hair day, as apparent in this Sunday radio show.

What does Drake say now? He does not know why the mass arrests have not happened, and he is irked “and that sort of thing,” and the good guy ETs are getting impatient and might do it themselves.  He does not say outright said ETs are the Plejarans, just says they “don;t look that different from us” and that they don’t have 25 eyes and tentacles, but Cobra is claiming the same and that the “Pleiadians” are the ones. (I should note that I have some close ET friends wo have 30 eyes and 25 tentacles, and find his remark insulting and racist!)

Drake says these ETs will “scoop up” hundreds of people in cities and sort out the good guys from the bad guys, putting the good ones back. I assure you that no benevolent beings would do something like that, and since they are telepathic, they would know who has been naughty and who has been nice, because they have a list and they check it twice.

However, this does sound like “Operation Rapture,” a Cabal plan to have the greys abduct 2-3 million people worldwide and killing them, but having political and religious leaders claim the event to be the Rapture…this would cause confusion, anger and fear among the many Christians who believe they were righteous and have been left behind by God…this is a doorway for a anti-Christ leader to convince the masses to turn against “God” and follow his path to salvation…which will be no more than the path to enslavement and clones with numbers on their foreheads.

That is a plan but there are those working to stop it because the slaughter of millions in that fashion is  a matter that can be interfered with, it has nothing to aide anyone in evolution.

This Drake is advocating mass arrests and then figuring out “who you are, what you are and what you did” later. What does this sound like? All these arrests without warrants, due process, charges filed within 72 hours…it is inevitable that some innocence would be rounded up in such a sweep — what of their rights as they sit for weeks or months in a FEMA Camp or jail cell? What of innocent util proven guilty for all? Does this sound like a “restored Constitutional United States” or a fascist witch hunt whatchmacallit turkey thingamabob?

There will be no positive mass arrests anymore; it did not happen because the plan was infiltrated by the Cabal and is now in their control…they may, perhaps, sacrifice low-level minions and  couple of high players like Congress and Senate members, and there may be disruptions of money and food, anarchy and chaos, leading to an excuse for martial law and foreign troops (Chinese, Russian) to come into the nation “to help” by request of the O-Clone and Company.

The “open letter” Drake wrote to the Pentagon…one needs to ask, doesn’t he have a lot of contacts and buddies in the Pentagon? Why does he need to write an open letter?  And does he think this letter will really sway the minds of all those compromised four star generals? He calls those who failed to act “turkeys.”  But who is the one flapping the goggle goggles here?

There is one thing he stated that is true: Gaia in her 3D form will start shaking us off her hide with quakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, and that sort of thing. She will. And those who stay in 3D have chosen that reality over ascension.

And the person chosen to deliver the “surrender by June 21st or else”ultimatium? Yes, by her demeanor and strength of voice, it is certain that the powerful bankers and politicians and the royal Dracos and Orion Greys are trembling in fear: