The Lies and Crimes of a Clone Called “O’Finioan”

by Former White Hat

A curious but untruthful interview with Bobby Joe Fanin and Black Arts Witch for the Cabal, Miranda Ax.

His lies: performing an exorcism at a house. Gee, Bobby Joe, in your blog you said you had your ass kicked by a demon from a satanic attack via an outside force,  and now you say you were exorcising a house of a dark entity?  Oh wait — you removed that post! Gotta not get caught in a lie, eh, laddie? What do you know of exorcism? Such things are done by Catholic priests who have years and years of training. Exorcism is very tricky because you could have that demon follow you and wreak revenge and havoc on your life or the demon may enter YOUR body.

You drink a lot at night, Bobby Joe, that much is evident in your slurred speech in other interviews, and one on Wolf Spirit you admit that you are drunk. Any true exorcist is admonished never to imbibe in inebriation, and they keep sober from alcohol and drugs…you know why? No? Because when you are drunk or high you become accessible to the demons and dark naughty hee-bee-jee-bees, and they can take control, and with you and your past crimes, the evil you have done either in alter or not, the people you murdered, you not only have the ghosts of the dead around you, but you are a brother of demons for it.  But you should know that; if you ever tried to perform an exorcism, you would wind up dead.

His lies: he has never admitted in any interview or online that “Duncan O’Finioan” is a fake name “for legal reasons.” He only has now because I outed his actual name, Bobby Joe Fanin…and his excuse is b.s.

His  crimes: leading people on a false path. And having murdered many…

The Sacramento County Sheriff has listened to your recent audio confession of murdering a 12-year-old boy with an arrow.  But have you paid for this alleged crime? Have you ever wondered about the family you deprived of that boy? If you were a real man, a real agent of the light, a real comic-book superhero you like to color yourself as, you would do the right thing and turn yourself in, for that boy and for all the innocents you killed…”the devil” or “the government made me do it” does not fly; nor does “my alter did it.” YOU did it, Bobby Joe, and you are a murderer and you must answer for your crimes of taking lives and leading people astray and toward your true masters, the ones who “made” Omega Unit 197, that nifty tricky Cabal.

But you are not a man with honor. You are a clone. You are the Beserker. You are  soulless, mindless killing machine, albeit an old rusty one, worth only one last mission for the Illuminati: the Pillage of the Beserker.

Show us that you are more than a clone, Bobby Joe. Turn yourself in for all those lives you claim you took. Their souls are like anchors on your arms and legs.


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