The Final Battle with the Alvah Consciousness from the Sanctum of Abbadon!

by Former White Hat

A wise group of Arcturians have incarnated into the body of a kitten now known as Sensoa Kahn, an event predicted three thousand years ago in petroglyphs of the Coahuila Indians. (Arcturians move in groups when operating physical 3D bodies.)  Sensoa Kahn will lead millions in the Confederation of Kittens Against the Alvah in the final battle to eradicate the Alvah Consciousness, including the Laher People since the Alvah is a product of the Laher and the Kurlians falling into a black hole far in the future and merging together as a single ethereal evil mind

, as I wrote earlier about.

Joining this final battle will be Pharaoh M’habi Marabetokun  coming from earth’s past in his giant vimana.

The announcement of Senoa Kahn is intentional on this Summer Solstice.

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