Clone Activation, Blood Sacrifice for Bohemian Grove

by Former White Hat

The situation with James Holmes (note: similar name to 70-80s porn star John Holmes who died of AIDS) and the shooting rampage ain Colorado at the Dark Knight Returns movie is, of course, what I have been warning about since July 7 and the Op 711 Mass Clone Activation. I warned of such events, and there will be more, including suicide bombers with explosive vests that will be traced back to Iran to incense the public for action.

This activated clone Holmes, associated with other clones in the Occupy Movement (infiltrated, again Hilary’s scheme), was also used to perform a blood sacrifice for the Luciferians in Bohemian Grove.

That is happened in Colorado, where the Cabal and Dracos are amassing underground, where fires have been lit for distraction and worship of Hell, is no coincidence.

And it is no coincidence that this is happening before Hilary is to sign that gun removal treaty with the U.N.

These are all false flags, people. Operation 711 of Project Strawman is underway.
The Idyllwild Group took out two clones who were set to do similiar killings at other Batman shows this weekend; we are seeking out more. We call on all remte viewers to help locate these homicidal programmed clones.


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