FBI Forewarned of Op 711 Theatre Attacks

by Former White Hat

The Dutch Man has put this up:

This is the plan, hopefully we will stop most:

More such attacks (blame it on militias and Iran).

Suicide bombers in shopping malls, swapmeets, grocery stores (allegedly protesting the high price of food).

Shootings of TSA personnel as they leave work.

More school/university shootings during summer session and beginning of Fall semester.

Shootings at Occupy rallies, attacks on National Guard.

Assassination attempts on bankers (blame it on militias).

Instigate riots at peaceful protest.

For malfunctions, we will see more clones doing strange things in public naked (dancing,singing, masturbating); zombie cannibalism; public suicides; cross dressing beefy males and men dressing like Drake and screaming: “Ya’s all just turkey thingamabobs!”


1. Distraction from O-Clone’s illigitmate presidency.

2. Rally public support to attack Syria and Iran.

3. Blood Sacrifices to Moloch, Satan, and the Priory of Dracos.

4. Martial law.

5. Take guns away from U.S. citizens — or better: make people believe guns are bad for a peaceful world and turn weapons in voluntarily.

6. Take down, kill and arrest American militias as domestic terrorists.




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