They Have MK Ultra Eyes: Was Duncan O’Finioan / Bobby Joe the Second Shooter?

by Former White Hat

Some disturbing possible intel has come my way. Witnesses are saying there was a second shooter, and that James Holmes was not in the theater and received the phone call to open the exit door, but was waiting outside, came in, and joined by a second gunman.

Witness descriptions fit Bobby Joe Fannin: middle-aged, dyed blonde stringy hair, chinless face and psycho eyes.

Bobby Joe Fannin has admitted his alters have been activated before to do such hit jobs inside and outside te USA.

He went missing a week ago, and has been away from his blog. One would think he would post about the MK Ultra aspect of the Colorado massacre, but he has not. No one knows where he is at.

My previous intel indicated his Beserker alter would be activated for a job like this, but it does not seem the Beserker alter was present, it was a different alter.

This information is not for certain, the way witnesses can be. But things do add up that Bobby Joe may have been involved in alter, possibly activated by Sarah Stanga remotely.

Two shooters with badly dyed hair: bright blonde and orange.

Also, James Holmes was not dressed and dyed as the Joker. The Joker has green hair. The Riddler has red hair. It is a message: Figure the riddle of this black ops out.

Or was he emulating a muppet?

Riddle me this, Batman…

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