A Note on COBRA/Ishtar Antares

by Former White Hat

I reveiced this re COBRA:

I know this guy and u are mostly right. Since i was unfortunate to had him in my life for more than 8 years, I can tell you many things about Ishtar A. But he is not Boštjan Košir you found On FB. He officially changed his name and this is his FB: https://www.facebook.com/ishtar.antares. This is the guy with the book. The guy you found is probably another idiot that is trying to get money from people. there is 21 Boštjan košir in Slovenia. Both names are very common. But don’t get me wrong, Ishtar is deeple convinced in his truth and is taking advantige mostly of women for sex. If I could choose another life, where I could never ever met him, I would, no hasitation. He is dangerous and misslided by his mind and belifs he protects by any means. And yes, he would take money for his needs. He would’t care for others.

But I must note whoever is writing “as” COBRA now is an American, note a slight difference in writing styles.