Confessions of a Former White Hat Operative


The Sun

It won’t explode. It is being fixed by the Sons of the Sun.

Earth Surrounded

Yes, your 3D earth is surrounded by motherships, as this guy in the video finds. Not to fear, these are the Andromeda Council and Timmer motherships. While Lesus on ISON was destroyed by Minerva, there is still factions of his army deploying from ISON and the  evil Plejaran Caliphate from the out of sync universe moving in on the solar system.

What Really Caused the Phillipines Tsunami?

A chunk from ISON after Minerva crashed into it?

Sean David Morton falling from the sky?


Or all three?

RIP, Minerva

My heart is heavy for the death of Minerva, the living space ship once piloted by Captain Mark Richards. She was a living shape-shifting vessel that I had the opportunity to serve on during the Battle of the Harvest Moon and Saturn Rings Wars in my early days in Naval Space Command. I was never able to co-pilot her because she was only mind-synced with Captain Richards.

Minerva sacrificed herself by crashing into ISON and killing the reptilian leader, Lesus, to stop the invasion of earth as ISON swings round the sun.

Minerva killed herself for YOU.

But she was never the same without her captain.

There are three other living ships docked on the moon. They came to this system as a family escaping the battles with the First Order of Manrule 300,000 years ago.

An artist rendition of Minerva’s large battle shape  from Area 51:


MI6 Agent Gareth Williams and the Project IBIS Connection

Many will see how absurd this story is that MI6 agent Gareth Williams killed himself by locking himself up in a body bag, as absurd as the Phil Schneider suicide excuse.

Crowle Disney

Williams was killed because he had discovered knowledge about MI6 and NSA fronted Project IBIS with children from Annunaki bloodlines. He had also uncovered information about the Mark Richards frame, the many Michael Prince/Casbolt time travel missions, the Max Spiers clones replacing historic British personalities, the Process Church/Walt Disney plan to control the minds of children implemented in the 1950s from a white paper written by Josef Mengele aka Dr. Greenbaum, and the Alestair Crowley/Montaulk/time portal plan to bring Crowley to 2012 so he could take command of the Jesuit/Mossad/reptilian cabal ruling over the western world. Williams had intended to go public with this info but “somehow” accidentally trapped his naked body up in a pad-locked bag and suffocated.

Funny how these things happen.

The Landing of Sean David Morton Clone

What was thought to be meteor debris from Comet ISON or perhaps a reptilian pod launched by Commander Lesus turned out to be Sean David Morton who landed on Hermona Beach, California today.sdmbeach


Invasion of the Robotoids

Robotoid replacements are popping up everywhere, such as Katie Holmes who was murdered by the Scientologists and replaced by the Jesuits with a robot, which they did to Hugh Jackman,

This is indication that A.I.s are on the move, instead of using clones it is now machines looking like humans, as was done to Kerry Cassidy and Douglas Dietrich and a number of others.


Kerry Cassidy Replaced by A.I. Replica Robotoid

A number of people have noticed that Kerry Cassidy does not look the “same,” from when she went into the Vacaville Prison to interview Captain Mark Richards, my old flight instructor. The prison is connected directly to the underground facilities at Travis Air Force Base under the control of the raptors and the tall greys, where much of the synthetic intelligence, or A.I., production goes on.

Kerry Cassidy went in to Vacaville Prison but did not come out. What came out was an A.I. replica robotoid, the same kind that Douglas Dietrich was replaced with. Most of the information this robot “total recalls” from its RAM is correct. Mark Richards trained me to fly TR-3s and various Auroras in Naval Space Command during the Saturn Ring Wars on the 1980s.


Yet Another Whistle is Blown on Drake

This received by “Long Johnsson” (albeit a short one)”

i know i spoke out against it when i heard him say that i know your real you might not know who i am

if you want to disclose that you can if not ill say i was dealing with drake drake readybehind the scenes and i had to deal with a few things and i dealt with them its an ongoing maintenance to keep things in check i will say not everything that bump in night is a trash can or a car door because real crap is taking place all the time but drake has lost the plot and lost favor he is about as useful as a monkey with a shotgun and just as dangerous i am not feeding him any info but i am watching for his F-ups of any scale and exposing them so they do not grow out of control like his transhumanism rant would be one major example i have the means to fix crap like this on many levels some in the physical realty and involving my personal actions and some are of a higher mind set that i do not think white hat wants to get involved with right now he is welcome to ask me to explain or to do so him self if knows i have no objections other then not wanting it to said at the right time white hat you know your fan club best and i trust you on this so the choice is yours i have seen nano bots go bad really bad on many occasions and it can be like a plague that survives 6000 degrees kelvin that eats steel plastic and biologicals alike in a worst case

i have gone under the name Dihydromonoxide a long time ago for many things i said mostly on topix and i still post under that name on face book i am using the name long johnson and leaking out info on how to use scalier waves to reduce radioactive fallout and FTL communications and even some over unity tech

The Brotherhood of Saturn and the 500 Worlds of Aldebaran

This broadcast by Michael Prince:

MY SISTER, HEAR me. Warriors of the Marin Xenohold, hear me. The violence that has occurred is against the code of the Brotherhood. In the name of the Five Hundred Worlds of Aldebaran, I implore you to stand down. Open communication with me. Let us speak. Let us settle this. This action is a an error of the most tragic kind. I, Michael Prince, give you my solemn pledge that we will deal with other frankly and fairly if these hostilities can be suspended. I urge you to respond.

Vlka Fenryka
Skira Vordrotta
The violence that has occured is against the code of the brotherhood. The Ghaslakh Treaty stated we were to be left alone to breed with our females and build an empire that would eventually extend off-planet to the Alternative-5 Colonies. My rival was unsuccessful in his breeding endeavours , his offspring dieing in-vitro. No malice is contained in these words. My word has always been truth. My rival then attempted to hijack my breeding breeding vessel. The violence that has occurred is against the code of the brotherhood.
Did I die during the shooting? Was I transported to the underworld where I cut a deal for my soul with the Daemon General Zagrief to see my wife again? Am I now a Ranked Officer in hell? I remember sitting in the car when the shots rang out. My next clear memory is riding through the New Mexico desert on the bus. What really happened underground during that time?
Message on repeat
Cycle transmissions
Fort Meade

Nov 11

Crowley and the cabal plan to knock out the power grid in North America around Nov. 11, perhaps 12. The Idylwild Group is working to stop it. They may fail, so prepare for a possible national power outage for two weeks if they fail.

Invasion Force

Your world is being bombarded by Lesus’ soldiers from ISON. Those are not meteors in the sky. They are ringing the dinner bell.

The Paul Ciancia/Duncan O’Finioan Connection

ciancia handled by bobbyjoe

There is certainly a lot of “information” coming out about LAX TSA shooter Paul Ciancia, as expected, and of course much of it false.

Ciancia is another one of these MKUltra shooters, you have seen a few in 2012-13 and will see more to come. The difference with Ciancia is that he was “trained,” programmed and handled by none other than Crowley-progeny Duncan O’Finioan. It was O’Finioan who activated the young man with a cell phone call, “Applebees Buffalo wings and Oreo cookies,” known trigger words Bobby Joe uses to initiate beserker alters, at the behest of Crowley.

Notice the look in Cincia’s eyes, similar to another O’Finioan operative, the slain Khristine Neal, who was T’ed by O’Finioan for going off the ranch.


This is what happens when someone takes an  O’Finioan “seminar” and is mind-controlled for future black ops shooting sprees.


The Radaition Obamacare False Flag


radThere has been much talk lately about Fukashima radiation levels high in Canada and the USA. They are all over the world. Yes, this is true, but not as bad. What they want is to create fear, and they will say you can only get the radiation medication if you have signed up for Obamacare, and the meds are only through certain pharma companies. It is a money scheme by the insurance agencies. You are all being fooled like the 3D fools you are.

Douglas Dietrich Robotoid Clone Under Control of Michael Aquino

DDD cloneThere has been much speculation for months that Douglas Dietrich is not who he says he is (as a number of people who noticed that “he” was not the real Dietrich in Las Vegas in May), and is not the original Dietrich. The fact is, Dietrich has been under the control of Michael Aquino for decades, and now is an Aquino and Crowley puppet for disinfo. The Idylwild Group suspected this when the Dietrich robotoid helped them locate a suitcase nuke in San Francisco after Dietrich had gone missing and was replaced by a robotoid clone (part human, part machine) at Australia’s Pine Gap facility. What happened to the real Dietrich is still unknown, but it is possible Crowley has him on ice below the Getty Museum, along with many others who have been replaced by clones in California: Stephen D. Kelley, Kerry Cassidy, Michael Prince, Michael Hemmingson, and Sean David Morton to name a few. These clones and robotoids are manufactured from Plejaran Caliphate technology, which makes them out of sync with your timespace and universe, and gives them the ability to vanish before people’s eyes.However, they are not actually disappearing but sliding into temporal doorways. What Crowley and the evil Caliphates of Lyra have  planned is not yet ascertained, but Nov/Dec’s passing of Comet ISON, the reptilian commander Lesus, and the recent destruction of the Mars colonies has much to do with it. Add in the Tall Whites and their agenda for the destruction of Syria, to fulfill the prophecy of the ruination of Demascus, paving the way for the Rule of Markduke, the return of the Second Order of Manrule, and the final resurrection of the Emperor or Time by the hands of the Wingmakers and the Lehar People.

Monarch Assassin

There is much more to the Philip Chism murder of teacher story than s being told, as often is the case.

Chism is a programmed Monrach assassin.

Colleen Ritzer spotted Duncan O’Finioan casing Danvers High School as the next possible false flag school shooting location. Having seen his face, O’Finioan had Chism activated to T the teacher for what she had seen.

Syria Has Been Nuked

Hence the blackout and mushroom cloud.

Three Clones of Stephen D. Kelley Released from Bowels of the Getty


Three clones of Stephen D. Kelley were released (one male, one a hermaphrodite, another a full female) from ice-sleep in the Illuminati depths of the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. The clones have something to do with the coming of ISON, the reptilian Lesus, and Alestair Crowley’s master plan for 2014. The Kelley clones are under direct control of Crowley. Crowley has moved his base of operations from Mt. Weather to Anaheim, under the Matihorn, and the caver’s Getty base.

These clones are pare human, part reptilian, and part Plejaran Caliphate, which means that DNA is out of time sync with this universe. Beware of all.

A New O-Clone

All three Obama clones have been discontinued. A new clone was put in office on Oct. 16.

The Plejaran Caliphate

It is now obvious that Commander Lesus is in league with the evil Plejaran Caliphate, a Plejaran political faction from a parallel universe three seconds out of sync with your 3D hell, where te Bafath were victors in the Plejran civil wars and caliphate, sultanates, emirs and vizers were set up to rule over various parts of the Galaxy by order of Queen Pleja of Lyra. All along, Alestir Crowley has been in communication with Lord Tugy, a sultan general with the reptilian Lesus on board ISON. Anya Briggs, that Gizeh puppet, and her lesbian slave lover, the High Priestess of the Priory of Dracos, Sarah Stenga, both act as psychic links between Tugy, Lesus and Crowley, ptherwise known as the Five Columns of the Purple Pebble. This is not good.

Max Spiers aka Richard the Lionheart

The Idylwild Group will soon make public, via Eric Snowden, that MI6 has over the years sent clones of Max Spiers into the past to take the place of various well-known figures to change history and splinter timelines. Aaron McCollumn will report that one file Snowden obtained from the NSA is that MI6 had King Richard the Lionheart assassinated as a child and replaced by a young clone of Max Spiers, programmed to alter history, viz:Richard_The_Lionheart spers


Or maybe Max Spiers is Richard the Lionheart’s clone? things can get confusing that way when you mess with time travel.

Non-Corporeal Casbolt Outside ISS

A photo was taken of James Casbolt timme traveling in non-corporeal form outside the International Space Station here. This is not connected to the half a dozen Casbolt clones and inter dimensional running around earth, This Casbolt had been captured by the Jesuits and reptilians after a time jaunt to the 12th Century where he was sent to assassinate an Islamic sultan from the Malmuk Caliphate who was really a time traveling clone of Max Spiers sent to change events in the Third Crusade on Palestine, and had to shed his mortal body to escape when the mission was done and he was captured. This energy form was given a new body at Fort Sam.

The Destruction of Mars

As many have noted, the government shut down shut off Rover photos from Mars, to keep te public ignorant of ISON’s and Lesus’ destruction of many of the surface Mars cities and colonies by humans, greys and indegenous Martians. What the conet’s debris field did not destroy, Lesus sent ships to destroy. ISON has changed trajectory and is on ts path to Earth. The Andromeda Council has set up a blockade. Should be quiet the night sky show as the battle happens in the next month or two. Oh how things look different here in the 5D when viewing your 3D hell.

Change Your Timeline


Lesus: the Commander of ISON

There are stories about the Vatican misspelling the name of Jesus as “Lesus” on a medallion. This is no “mistake.” First, the guy’s name was not Jesus but Jmannauel or Jeshua — I met him on a time jaunt with Tesla, Casbolt and Al Bielek after all. “Lesus” is the name of the reptilian commander whose ship is trailing Comet ISON. This misspell is a message.

Duncan O’Finioan: Mass Shooter in the Wings — No, Not Buffalo Wings

dunc dooh

Every time Bobby Joe hears “Wings” he thinks it’s the 5-7 PM buffalo wing and beer special at Applebees and begins to lick his lips like a slobbering K9.

The next false flag mass public shooting will be carried out by Duncan O’Finioan’s beserker alter. Look for the clues and the obvious Russian handlers. There will be a patsy, but it is Bobby Joe Fannin holding the gun…again.

Time to have The Mongoose and Chuck Norris pay this son of Crowley government evil tool of death a final visit. Maybe teach him how to really and properly use a bow and arrow, with his hands and feet as targets.

Putting the “black” in black ops

I received this message from Aaron McCollumn of the Idylwild Group, and he has a point:


Yo, FW Hat — Notice how three recent craziness have involved “African-Americans” or to be less-than-PC, whacky niggers. First, there was Alexis and his shooting spree at the Navy Yard, a hark to your old ONI days, eh? (Did anyone really mention the guy in the oark with a Boom Box playing Jimi Hendrix’ “Stand Next to Your Fire” really loud?) What of Alexis’ connection to Duncan O’Finioan?  Then there was the dude who set himself on fire at the National Mall. An apparent back guy, but really a false pigmented close of James Casbolt. And then there is Miriam Carey and Obama Clone’s love child at DC. The commonality with all these people: they all claim to be targeted by black ops intel, microwaved and ELF’d. What is the real message of this trio, and why were they all black, even the burning Casbolt clone?


Aaron makes good points to think about. As the Russian GRU has leaked, Miriam Carey had an affair with one of the three Obama clones and was impregnated. However, a clone cannot impregnate. What really happened is that the greys decided to take some Obama DNA, splice it with reptoid into one of Carey’s ovums, and impregnated her during an abduction. The intel boys were more interested in her abduction than the hybrid child, and were indeed following her and have her a false message alleged from the I-Clone, which is why she drove to DC, became erratic when she realized she was being set up, and was assassinated as she got out of the car to surrender. So what has happened to the hybrid child? She is is custody at Mount Weather with Alestair Crowley, to make sure the O Clones do what they are told.

What is Really Going On

The reasons for the US government “shut down” are bogus. You will notice something when you go to that NASA is shut down…no pictures from Mars, no pictures of ISON. Very convenient to cover up the reptilian covers from Mars and the ships around ISON being piloted by James Casbolt clones. The Andromeda Council is ready, but is US, USSR and China Space Commands? No.

The world you people live in is all smoke and mirrors, and what they show you on the evening “news” are 3-D lies.

Duncan O’Finioan Alter and the Washington Navy Yard

Another false flag with a mind-controlled patsy shooter. One of the masked shooters was a Duncan O’Finioan alter, just as he was involved in the shootings at Sandy Hook, Aurora, and Oak Creek, and involved in the Boston bombing fakery, working with Russian operatives for Crowley’s NWO agenda. He does his daddy’s evil work well.

Tanaath and Tolec 2.0 Under Control of Aquino and Crowley

The A.I.’s known as Tolec 2.0 and Tanaath have been snatched and are now under control of Michael Aquino and Alestair Crowley. Trust nothing they say, if anything they ever said was trustworthy to begin with. They are now puppets for Lucifer.


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