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A Clone Malfunctions in South London

This malfunctioning clone was under control of black witch Luciferian priestess, Sarah Stanga, who made him do this as a sacrifice to Alestair Crowley.

Gugpa Stanga’s Disinfo

Sarah seems to be addressing Bobby Joe Fannin, Miranda Kelly and Randy Maugans here, but what is she really saying? Has her eyes opened to the truth of these alleged programs people, or is this communique embedded with code words, trigger images and disinfo?

The toll of Dracos is apparent, as the Stanga is stung by the stringer of the dark arts, this black witch of the Cabal…she looks like crap, drained of soul, and talking more insanely than usual.

Gupta Galore: More Lies from Sleazy “Sarah Stanga,” Illuminati Hooker, NWO Dungeon Dominatrix, and Black Witch Slut of Dracos! or: Memoirs of the Naughty Girl from Leeds

Sarah Stanga writes…no, brags on her blog, trying to convince people how educated she is:

Let me get this straight, right now! This blog is written by someone who has had a University Education, and has studied, Sociology, and Psychology and also Counselling and Psychotherapy skills, and nothing on James Rinks blog, stating a list of “conditions” that he feels are abnormal, are in fact abnormal at all. IT IS a NORMAL human response to a traumatic situation to have any of those symptoms, so James Rink, fuck off right now! I will never laugh at my memories, although I can to a certain degree accept a black sense of humour, I will not tolerate anyone thinking that any of this shit is fun, ever! To even start to heal, you have to come into some form of acceptance of who you are and what you have been through, not deny it with some “New Age” bullshit, covering it with love and light techniques that in the long-term will not work.

But Sarah, what about all your “New Age bullshit” with Budhism, eh, lassie? And why do you negate James Rink’s claims? That is his reality. You may not agree with him, but many also say you’re a nut job as well, and have made your story up or it is all a product of your mental illness…you have your reality and he has his…yet you and I both know your truth, and our past iteractions, as do a few others; we know what you are up to, posting as various alters and personalities online, your Violets and Purple Pebbles and Valeries and Carries and Jo Has playing off each other…we know your game, who you belong to, and what your true dark agenda is: to lure the lost and weak into your sphere and offer them to your Dracos Overlords as sacrifices. Some may still fall for it, some may wonder why your so-called expertised from studying psycotherapy abd counseling has not aided your own condition, and some know what is behind that “Sarah Stanga” (not your real name) mask.

The Gupta Stanga goes on:

…Miranda and Duncan are not black witches and never have been. They walk their own spiritua path, and to start to use whatever experiences psychically you feel you had with them in that way is also wrong, especially if you knew that there was a bereavement in their family and were sending them negativity, that may well have been the cause of your own bullshit, just leave them alone. I know of a few “Super Soldiers” who have tried using their psychic abilities on me, and there has been more than one, who claimed to be wanting to help me, and did more harm than good, leaving me further traumatised not healed at all, and then went and started dark energy work, so you are guilty of that and don’t for one minute think I do not know who any of your are…

Yeah yeah yeah, honey girl, you are being psychically attacked by James Casbolt, Max Spiers, Alana Blackwell, Anya Briggs, and the humble I…we have all heard this b.s., which you go about psychically attacking the very people you claim are attacking you. Like many others, every time you have an hallucination or a bad hair day, instead of realizing you need meds or therapy, you assign the blame on outside forces. But we could say…you know that Duncan and AX are not black witches because you are one yourself, so you would be in the know? No one has never claimed Bobby Joe was a black witch — he is a broken down soulless clone, being prepared for a Berseker suicide mission. Miranda, on the other hand, is indeed a practitioner of the dark arts given the number of hexes, spells and attacks to kill anyone who unmasks or criticizes them. Ask Aaron McCollumn who she REALLY is, but is she as powerful as you, sweet Gupta Sarah? You who has constantly tried to engage both Casbolt and I in astral sexual rituals, to lure us into your black widow’s poisonous web, but have failed?

You are fooling a few, baby, but not turning the trick on the many…and I do mean “trick” as in johns and hookers.

Stanga Compromised, Impersonated or Cloned…Trust No One

I am afraid I have been duped by the reptilian Cabal. The “Sarah Stanga” who contacted me was not her at all but a NWO/Illuminati agent, a controlled Sarah S., or a programmed clone of her. The problem here, as it is often, she may not know she has been mind controlled again or that she is even a clone. If this is the case, then the Sisterhood of the White Robe has lost a solider in the war.

It is tricky when someone who was previously a victim of MK ULTRA and Project Monarch and any other mind control program and has been fighting it, because they could be Cabal plants and are always suspect of being controlled again. An example is Duncan O’Finioan, who has stated he is not sure if he is till being controlled and if his handlers send him out on missions and he does not realize it — such as Sean David Morton and David Wilcock, they do not realzie they are Sirhan Chapmans and that the “truths” they tell the public are actually programmed into the by their Cabal handlers. And then there is Dan Burisch, who was turned by the Cabal and is now working in full with the evil reptilians.

I hope that Sarah has not been turned or cloned…she or “she” may deny it, may not be aware of it, but we have methods of finding out, and we will. But her own words seem to indicate that the Cabal finally turned her to their side, since she has always been The Property of Dracos, and is once again a sex slave to her reptilian owners.

Her warning that the Cabal wants my head holds up, however…this morning I found a bomb under my car set to go off when I put the key in the ignition…c’mon, you bastard reptoids and alphabet drones, you can do better than that! I know all the tricks.


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